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Caches No’s 3673 to 3683 – Another Bank Holiday Caching Trip

One of the reasons I had tried so many times to solve the Otley Environs puzzle (cache #3672) was that it was hidden on 11th November – a ‘hidden on’ date I did not have filled in my calendar. Finding it left just two dates unfilled – the 18th and 29th February. So I fired up Project GC and used the tool there to show me all the caches in Yorkshire that were hidden on those dates so I could plan a Bank Holiday caching expedition to take in suitable caches to fill the grid.

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Caches No’s 3670, 3671 and 3672 – Three More Local Ones

I’ve not been doing a lot of caching lately, in fact I’ve not been doing much of anything lately. Since I got a job I have just gone to work, come home and watched TV… putting on about half a stone in the process (well actually only about 3lbs but my weight is definitely going the wrong direction) So one fine evening I decided that I would take a walk instead of watching the latest episode of whatever I had downloaded… and I thought that while I was out I may as well look for a couple of caches, not that I took GPS or anything, I knew where they were from the map and that should be enough Continue reading

Caches No’s 3660 to 3669 – The Oldest Cache in England

And so our trip to Kent was over, and it was time to go home. Adam was wanting to go caching on the way home and was talking about finding a short series to do and doing some cache and dashes… I was thinking about caches to put in the Cache Mag so wanted to do something he (or I) could write about… and I thought of the oldest existing cache in the country, which is on Coombe Hill in Buckinghamshire… sort of on the way back from Kent to Coventry (well it is if you go M25 / M40 rather then M25 / M1) There are several caches up Coombe Hill and there would be plenty more we passed on the way – though actually that didn’t turn out to be the case as most of the journey was dual carriageway without any cache and dashes to get to… Continue reading

Caches No’s 3636 to 3659 – Caching in Kent

We had decided to stay in Kent for an extra day after the Mega and do some caching locally. But then Adam had seen that there was a car boot sale on at Hop Farm and decided he wanted to go to that… It was raining on the Sunday morning so we didn’t get up early, when we did venture out Adam contacted Penny and arranged to meet her at the car boot, so we set off back to Hop Farm doing a few caches on the way Continue reading

Caches No’s 3612 to 3635 – The Kent Mega 2015

Unlike last year the Premier Inn in Maidstone didn’t mix our room booking up, so Adam and I had to pay for our breakfast (see last years write up, caches 3196 – 3204) but as then it was a rush to get our breakfast eaten then drive down to Hop Farm and get set up before the event started. This year instead of being in an upstairs room with a winding stair to get to it we were in a nice large marquee (with carpeted floor) which gave us loads of room and meant more people came to see us during the day than last year. Continue reading

Caches No’s 3610 & 3611 – Welcome to the Kent Mega

Kent Mega time… and unlike last year we weren’t taking a glamorous assistant, there was just going to be me and Adam… still he had arranged to take down another cacher, TeamAwesome2012, from Coventry. He was meeting his brother at the event and camping with him and making his own way back home on the Sunday so it was a one way trip.
It’s a long way to Kent from here… 140 miles from here to Adam’s house and another 140 miles from there to Maidstone where out hotel was (and then another 10 miles to Hop Farm where the Mega was being held) Continue reading