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Caches No’s 1219 to 1232 – Birthday’s Quakers and the Devil’s Arrows

20th June 2011 – The Professor’s Birthday Cache GC1CFMR – cache #1219
A damp Monday evening and I thought I would just go a little walk hopefully dodging the rain so I headed over to Addingham to do a few caches there. the first one I tried to find was the feeder cache to GC12NH1 Somewhere Else, but the place it is hidden is being used a a garden refuse tip by the locals so is full of piles of hedge clippings and lawn mowings, so I didn’t really bother looking for it – I have since been given a clearer idea of where the cache is by the cache owner, so I will go back sometime soon to find it Continue reading

Cache No. 1200 – Ye Ole Survey Monuments

18th June 2011 – Ye Ole Survey Monuments GC45CC- cache #1200
My 1,200th cache and the first cache I have come across that you can ‘find’ more than once.

Ye Ole Survey Monuments refers to Trig Points and the like that were used for cartography before satellite’s took over the job, and to ‘find’ the cache you need to visit one of the trig points that is on the list of TP’s the cache has already visited (a new one is added about every week, there are 440 possible as I write this Continue reading

Caches No’s 1192 to 1199 – Follow the Feeder to the Ducks

More new local caches had been put out over the week, so on Monday evening I went to find them. The first couple were put out by a new cacher and were in the middle of nowhere.

14th June 2011 – Moor Style!!! GC2Y268 – cache #1192
The first cache involved a walk of almost a mile up from the highest sensible place to park on the road leading up to the top houses on the moor. Continue reading

Caches No’s 1162 – 1174 – Roman Road Rambling

5th June 2011 – L&LC – Idle Swing Bridge GC2RCPB – cache #1162
Sunday morning and I just had time for a quick walk along the canal to grab a couple of caches that had eluded me previously. This first one I had DNF’d because it had been removed, but I had had confirmation that I had looked in the right place so it was a quick find once the area was clear of passers by Continue reading