Monthly Archives: July 2022

Caches No’s 5903 to 5948 – Piratemania 14 Part II

The Sunday of Piratemania started off with the usual Flash Mob, all gather together, many in Pirate costume and generally hand around for 30 minutes – then it seemed like half the attendees went to the local supermarket to get some breakfast !

I was definitely conscious that my leg was not doing well, I couldn’t do much more than slowly limp along, but my plan was to get to 6,000 caches by Wednesday night so I needed to do 92 or 93 caches and the rest would be events .

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Caches No’s 5857 to 5867 – Spofforth & Wetherby Labs

I had been working on the Saturday, so took the Monday off work in lieu of it. It was a nice day so I decided to go and grab a couple of (reasonably) local Lab cache sets.
The first was in Spofforth, a village near Harrogate with a ruined ‘Castle’ – a fortified Manor House really, whose main claim to fame is that the Magna Carta was written here in 1215

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