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Caches No’s 4760 to 4812 – CITCOT does Africa

There is a set of caches to the west of Milton Keynes, the Flags of all Nations series, 249 puzzle caches, all easy to solve as they are based on the letters in the name of the country whose flag is shown in the description, you just have to work out whose flag it is (and I have never heard of some of the countries/states that are in the 249). They are divided into 5 loops basically by continent, and we had determined to do some the Sunday after the Mini Geocoin Fair.

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Caches No’s 4750 to 4759 – CITCOT & The Mini Geocoin Fair

We have a group of cachers, who are variously known as The Galivanting Club, or CITCOT (Care in the Community on Tour). The members are the usual suspects really CoinKezza, CnJnA, Big Fish, &Ruby, Hedgehogs Mum, Matthewgibbs etc.
The European Geocoinfest 2019 is being held in Manchester in September and to promote it a mini version was held in Milton Keynes.

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Caches No’s 4748 & 4749 – Peter in the Rushes

The Hobby ? Game ? Sport ? Way of life ? of Geocaching began back on 3rd May 2000 when the first ever cache was hidden in Oregon. The first cache in the UK didn’t appear until 6th June 2000. Most of the early caches have since been archived, so there is a certain pleasure to be had for visiting the older caches, and a trip down to Milton Keynes afforded me the opportunity to go and visit a cache from September 2001 found in South Nottinghamshire. Continue reading

Caches No’s 4738 to 4747 – Werewolf and Whitespace

The most notorious puzzle caches in the North of England are Whitespace and Werewolf, these caches are over 10 years old now and still attract cachers from all over to do them. They are a 4 and 5 star terrain which  perhaps are a little high but they certainly involve a trek to get to and the moors can be inhospitable places on a bad day.

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