Monthly Archives: March 2012

Caches 1447 to 1450 – 29th February Caching

There are caches that require you to have found at least one cache on all possible days of the year, so 366 caching days are needed. 2012 is a leap year and the first opportunity since I started caching to grab a cache on Feb 29th…
Now I’ve just got another 120 or so days to go caching on to complete the calendar… I hope I can do that before 4 more years pass Continue reading

Caches No’s 1422 to 1446 – The Spofforth And Follifoot Walk

Not being a fan of slogging around caches in the cold, wet and mud it was only when a new cache trail appeared locally that I decided to spend a Sunday Morning out doing the 4 mile walk in the sunshine.

26th February 2012 – Spofforth and Follifoot Walk #1 GC – cache #1422
My GPS hadn’t locked on to the satellites when I walked to the first cache. The hint was fairly descriptive and I saw a spot that looked a likely place, but as my GPS was saying I was still a ways away I ignored the place and carried on… Continue reading

Cache No 1421 – Carlton Bench

24th February 2012 – Carlton Bench GC3CZ4X – cache #1421
A lovely sunny lunchtime, so I took a stroll up the lane to find this cache.
It is a well camouflaged cache, after sitting on the bench and looking all around and finding nothing I finally spotted something nearby that didn’t look quite right… and found the cache.

Caches No’s 1409 to 1420 – Monkeys, Buzzards and Canals

After a rather late Saturday night I woke up in this hotel in Walsall to find it had snowed but the sky was blue and sun was brightly shining… so I went for a little walk round to grab the local caches

19th February 2012 – monkey hills GC22D88 – cache #1409
The first of these was a two part affair, a magnetic nano on a signpost which held the co-ordinates of the final cache. The final co-ordinates were in a stand of trees and GPS signal wasn’t good, so I ended up walking around the outside of the wood then climbing the fence and scrambling down a steep banking to get to the cache. Continue reading

Caches No’s 1406 to 1408 – Lunchtime Locals

More local caches put out in the New Year, near enough for me to visit at Lunchtimes

1st February 2012 – Nunroyd Park N Grab GC3BDNJ – cache #1406
For these local caches I don’t really need to take my GPS out, I just look at the Google satellite view picture for the cache and read the hint, and this gets me to the cache. It doesn’t work so easily out in the wilds where there aren’t so many easily recognisable landmarks, but for a lot of the more urban caches you can use the Street View to find the caches hiding place.
This cache was quite easy to find being hidden in one of the tree trunks that is lined up along the side of the road in the park. Continue reading