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The Collingham Walk and More – Caches No’s 407 – 430

22nd April 2010 – Esholt Hall’s Lead Pipe GCHJD7 – cache #407
A nice sunny Thursday lunchtime, and I headed for what is really the last cache I can sensibly do at lunchtime, this one involved a 3/4 mile walk each way, so I didn’t actually manage it in the 30 minute lunchbreak, but hey, who cares !
Quite easy to find when I got there… Continue reading

A Weekend Away Part III: The Journey Home – Caches No’s 396 – 406

19th April 2010 – Broken As GC1RX9H – Cache #395
Strenshall Services North, This cache had been replaced a couple of days before, I was expecting it to still be the old cache which had apparently been hard to find, instead it was a very easy find, the only problem I had was that I was being watched by a couple having a rest on the grass nearby, so I had to walk the long way round to get back to my car and make it look like all I had been doing was stretching my legs Continue reading

Weekend Away Part II: A Sunday Stroll – Caches No’s 389 – 394

18th April 2010 – Hutton Millennium Walk #11 GC255FD – Cache #389
A nice Sunny Sunday morning so Angel78 and I decided to go and find some caches near where we were staying, I thought this was an easy 2.5 mile walk, it turns out I had got mixed up and this was a 4.5 mile walk up a quite steep hill, which we didn’t really want to do in the sun and in the amount of time we had available, so we ended up doing half the Hutton millenium walk ! Continue reading

Weekend Away Part I: The Drive South – Caches No’s 371 – 388

16th April 2010 – Acrophobics Solace GC1JJFF – Cache #371
I was travelling down to Brean Sands near Weston Super Mare for the weekend, so I thought I’d do a few drive by caches, it’s a 250 mile drive, 230 of that on Motorways so it should have been about a four hour drive… it took me seven and three quarters.

The first stop I made was for three caches on the top of the M62, where the Pennine Way crosses the road by a footbridge… a bridge that is a little daunting for those afeared of heights !
Fortunately you don’t have to cross the bridge from the parking area to get to the cache. Continue reading

Roundabout Way to the Banks – Caches No’s 367 – 369

13th April 2010 – Wharfedale In a Roundabout Way – Burley East GC24TJM – Cache #367
Although I had found two of the feeder caches and the bonus cache for this series 3 weeks ago I still hadn’t got round to doing the other two feeder caches – cos one of them had gone missing.
Anyway, someone put another cache out in the area, so I made the detour to clear them up one day on a detour on the way home from work
This first one was easy enough to spot, being a hamburger in the base of a multistemmed bush… but difficult to get to, being in the base of a multistemmed bush, I have scratches and scrapes to testify to this difficulty ! Continue reading