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Caches No’s 1128 to 1141 – Pennies, Ducks and Donkey Jackson

Saturday, and I had the afternoon free for caching, so I planned to go and do a set that involved a bit of walking on a relatively easy path – I’m still in a bit of discomfort at time from the sciatica and haven’t yet risked putting my walking boots on and setting off across inhospitable moorland (though there are a dozen new caches on Ilkley Moor that need finding !)
A suitable set of caches was chosen, and of course, there were a few more to collect on the way

21st May 2011 – Oh Wert Thou In The Cauld Blas…… GC25MY0 – cache #1128
Not many Yorkshire caches are named after a Robert Burns poem, but this is one ! The poem is a love poem which basically says ‘I will be your shelter from the misfortunes of life’
In this case though it refers to a bus shelter which has the first line of the poem on a sign inside ! Continue reading

Caches No’s 1122 to 1127 – Bogs and Bridges

Sunday morning, and as it was a nice day I decided a quick trip to clear sme caches North of me would be a pleasant way to spend the morning

15th May 2011 – Quagmire GCWRGN – cache #1122
This is a two part cache that I had failed to find the first part before on a previous expedition. This time however I quickly spotted a scrap of yellow in among the dark green undergrowth and pulled out the first cache, which contained the Co-ordinates to the second one. Continue reading

Caches No’s 1110 to 1121 – Clearing New Caches

While I have been unable to do much because of the sciatica there were several new caches placed quite near to home, so I needed to get these cleared off

6th May 2011 – L&LC – Gallows Bridge GC2RW78 – cache #1110
A lunchtime caching trip along the canal towpath in Shipley took me to the Gallows Bridge, which which is one of the few original crossings over the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, being built at the same time the Canal was constructed to maintain a historical right of way. The cache, hidden by a local cacher called Grayglove was one of several of his I have found so I knew where to expect it to be and how it was likely to be hidden, and I was right and quickly found it. Continue reading

Cache No.1109 – Rooks and Belles

This was not a good caching trip. First I chose to do a local puzzle cache GC2M46Z Navvies’ Rook, I had worked out the answers by using google, and plotting the position on Memorymap and then google satellite view showed me I had the right spot, it matched the cache name, the description and the clue… but I couldn’t see hide nor hair of it, the fact that the whole area was about a foot high in nettles didn’t help as I had no gloves and was only wearing a tee shirt ! Continue reading

Caches 1101 to 1108 – May Day in the Lakes

1st May 2011 – Armboth GC15C12 – cache #1101
The first cache of Sunday morning was on the banks of Thirlmere, Thirlmere is actually a reservoir created in the late 1800’s to supply water to Manchester and when it was built it submerged the village of Armboth.
The cache is accesssible from a little car park which was actually quite busy when I got there, there were a couple of camper vans that had overnighted there, a couple of cars full of walkers and a Water Board employee emptying the car park ticket machine.  Continue reading

Caches 1087 to 1100 – Avoiding the Royal Wedding !

The problem with the Lake District on a sunny Royal Wedding Bank Holiday weekend is that it is full of people similarly avoiding the Royal Wedding, and they all have cars, so that even though you know you are going past easy drive by caches there is just nowhere to stop, park and go look for them.
The Friday of my Lake District trip suffered a lot from this, cache after cache came up on the GPS but there was just nowhere to stop when I got to them. So I drove from Windermere to Ambleside, over Langdale, Wrynose and Hard Knott and right into Wasdale before there was a chance to stop and grab a cache Continue reading