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Caches No’s 3361 to 3375 – Church Micros North From King’s Lynn

My journey home was planned with 15 Church Micros. The first stop was in the village of Walpole St Peter which also has a YOSM that I had DNF’d on my way home the year before because it is not visible from the narrow road and there is nowhere to park anywhere nearby. But as I was stopping for the Church Micro I parked by the church and walked over half a mile along to the nearest access to the trig point. There must have been some sort of event going on in the village as the air was filled with the sounds of a band playing rock and blues music at a loud volume (The Yardbird’s ‘Good Morning Little Schoolgirl’ and Elvis’s ‘Little Sister’ were typical of the music while I was there), but I never found out what or where it was – certainly not visible from any road I walked or drove along. Continue reading

Caches No’s 3355 to 3360 – Saturday Caches in Downham Market

For once the camping weekend in Norfolk was in red hot weather, too hot for doing anything much but sitting around trying to keep cool, but we had to go off and get some food for the evenings barbecue so Angel78 and I went off to Downham Market… and so did Hublander & Beanie28, and Stucuk & TT, and while at the supermarket we made use of the 3 hours free parking in their car parks – so though we all went separately we all found the same town centre caches ! Continue reading

Caches No’s 3335 to 3354 – Church Micros South to King’s Lynn

Once again time for my annual camping trip to Norfolk (see caches 52-59, 620-630, 1299-1303, 1912-1941 and 2708-2747 for previous years) Last year to avoid the tedium of traditional drive-by caches I drove down concentrating on the non-signing types, Virtuals, Earthcaches and Survey Monuments, this year, as there were none of those left to do on the way I decided I would only go for Church Micro caches, and planned my route to suit – which took a bit of doing as there were about 40 to choose from that weren’t too far from the direct route – I certainly drove a lot fewer miles than I did last year, though in the end it took longer because I stopped at 6 more caches than last years journey down
Continue reading

Caches No’s 3330 to 3334 – The Challenge Of Resuscitation

There are several challenge caches in the country that require you to have resuscitated a cache to qualify for the find. In cacheing terms Resuscitation means finding a cache that has not been found in the previous 12 months… I had tried before in May last year (see caches #2491 and #2492) but these were failures as one had gone missing and was then archived after I couldn’t find it, and the other had been found, just not logged on the website.
So I decided that it was time to have another go at finding one. Now the problem is that round here there are a lot of cachers so the only caches that haven’t been found for a year are in the main ones that are definitely missing and just waiting to be maintained, or archived, so finding a cache in need of resuscitation isn’t easy. Continue reading

Caches No’s 3320 to 3329 – The Morton Meander

One reason I like circular series without bonus caches is that you don’t ‘have’ to start at the specified start and do them in a particular order… so when I saw a new series called The Morton Meander published earlier this year I marked it down as one to do when I could walk properly again ! As it was, it took about 4 months from publication to getting round to doing it.

The series starts in the village of East Morton, but as it is a small village with narrow streets and a Saturday teatime there were all the residents cars already parked up in all available spaces so I parked half way round the route and set off down a joining footpath to where the route was – and then because of the proximity of several cows just the other side of the gate decided to go clockwise rather than anti-clockwise Continue reading