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Caches No’s 2376 & 2377 – A Full Row of Green

The day following my trip to Rugby I had another gap in my calendar to fill so had to decide which cache to go for, in the end I was swayed by a new cache that had been placed the day before, on Ilkley Moor. It had been found the day before too so there wasn’t a First-To-Find up for grabs, just a relatively flat walk along from the nearest parking spot

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Caches No’s 2364 to 2376 – Adam gets to Four Figures

23rd February 2013 – Clifton Caching Chat GC458AJ – cache #2364
The 130 mile drive to Rugby may seem a long way to go just for a caching event, but as I’ve known the organiser (Adam – UKCacheMag) since the mid 90’s long before geocaching was invented, and as it was he who got me into caching in the first place when he told me of his exploits back in 2008 finding his first few caches. The first cache we found together was his 70th and my 17th back in June 2009, I thought I would go and celebrate his 1,000th smiley with him… free cake helped with the decision ! Continue reading

Caches No’s 2362 & 2364 – Mud or Drive by ?

Halfway through the month and there were still 5 white squares to fill in the calendar, and no easy drive-bys left anywhere near home, this meant I was either going to have to go further afield or brave the mud…

17th February 2013 – AliCat GC2WPHE – cache #2362
A lovely sunny morning for a walk in the woods, but very muddy underfoot.
Cache easy to spot once I got through the mud to the right side of the path

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Time for an upgrade ?

I’m thinking that it’s about time this site was refreshed and upgraded… not sure what to do yet but I have had this same theme in these same colours for, well, for ever.

Trouble is that the thumbnail on the post is a nonstandard bit of coding that is just on this theme so I may have to just adapt and improve this theme to keep it

Caches No’s 2354 to 2361 – Filling The Grid

One of the challenges of Geocaching is to find a cache on all 366 dates, and to assist in that your profile on the main website has a grid of all the dates and fills the boxes in with the number of caches you have found on each date. Adam (UKCacheMag) has decided that this year he will fill his grid up with at least one cache per day… So I decided that I should do something similar too… although he has filled January and I only have two January days done as I don’t like cold, mud, rain, snow etc so hibernate in the Winter ! Continue reading