Monthly Archives: March 2017

Cache No. 4215 – The End of Ye Olde Survey Monuments

Just a few days after the 15th Birthday celebrations for YOSM it was announced by Groundspeak that they were changing the way their database worked to stop people being able to put a find log on the same cache twice, and so GC45CC was doomed… Despite many pleas for it to be treated as a special case (and the similar cache in North America) Groundspeak announced that it would be archived and locked in early May. This really put a dampener on my enjoyment of geocaching.
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Caches 4199 to 4214 – YOSM 15th Birthday Celebrations on Hadrians Wall

Of course once one 15th Birthday event had been organised and the hotel booked other events were arranged, and it so happened that one was arranged for the Sunday to be held on Hadrians Wall near Haltwhistle, and that was near enough on my way home, so I booked a B&B for the Saturday night and had a walk along the wall on Sunday morning.

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Caches No’s 4178 to 4183 – Escape Room Caches

As several of the 2018 Mega Committee like puzzle caches the rise in popularity of Escape Rooms is a good thing. For people that don’t know an ‘escape room’ is where a team of you get locked in a room and have to solve various puzzles to find the key to get out. Puzzle caches have led us to be able to recognise the puzzle methods so we consider ourselves to be good enough to take on any Escape Room.
Escape Rooms can be quite expensive so Groupon deals are a way of bringing the cost down… but you may have to travel a little further than expected to get a good deal. Combining an escape room visit with a ‘Meet The Committee’ meeting became a popular concept with us in 2017 !

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