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Caches No’s 2224 to 2226 – Geocaches ? There’s One Under Every Rock !

On Saturday evening on the Geocaching UK Facebook group, Yorkshire Taff put a posting on that he had been up on Ilkley Moor, hidden a new cache and had it turned down by the reviewers as being too close to the final co-ordinates of a Puzzle Cache.
Nottins then chipped in and asked whether it was near ‘some masts’, and that if so it was probably a five star difficulty puzzle cache called “All About Yorkshire” that was blocking the publication…
All about Yorkshire is a cache where the co-ordinates are to be found on 4 TB’s one that floats around West Yorks, one South Yorks, one East Yorks and the last one North Yorks… it has only had 13 finds in the 4 years since it was published, and I had never come across any of the TB’s in the 1,700 odd caches I have found in Yorkshire

So this morning armed with nothing more than that the cache(s) were somewhere near the transmitting station on Ilkley Moor I set out to see what I could find… Continue reading

Caches No’s 2217 to 2223 – A Saturday Morning Shopping Trip

There are a number of caches that invite you to take a walk around a town and gather clues at particular points which are combined to make up the co-ordinates of the final cache. To tell the truth I can never be bothered with doing this type of cache. There is one of this type in Bradford, so rather than walk it I set out to see if it was possible to solve the clues using Google – using satellite view, street view and the normal search engine. Continue reading

Caches No’s 2201 to 2208 – Yet another trip to Norfolk

My annual Autumn trip to Hunstanton in Norfolk (see 850, 1,250 & 2,000 caches ago). This time I did not do any caching on the way down, mainly because I was going via Nottingham, and there weren’t any suitable drive-by’s on my route !

What Adam (UKCacheMag) had done was arrange a 15 minute Flash Mob meet in Hunstanton on the Saturday afternoon of our trip, at 1:14pm on Nov 10th… i.e. 10/11/12 13:14… we didn’t know whether there would be any more people there than just him and me ! Continue reading