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Avatar in 3D… well that’s 3 hours of my life I won’t get back, although I did nearly doze off as the story dragged on… the 3d effects are reminiscent of a 1970’s Viewmaster toy (remember them ?)… characters were stereotypical, story was derivative… quite pretty in parts though and I did like the way the Na’vi had been acted, motion captured and animated – I just liked the way they moved… but when all is said and done Avatar is a 3-Dimensional rendering of an overlong 2-Dimensional story. Continue reading

Update 29/01/10

Geocaching – no updates
WASH – no new updates
Blog – no updates
Wharfedale Plus – 9 new posts
Genealogy – 7 Posts
Okay, I’ve been absolutely rubbish at updating anything since Christmas… only one post in five weeks on any topic isn’t really up to standard is it… I will try to do better… but however, since I last did this update but in November I have put up 16 posts.
I couldn’t update the geocaching posts as I haven’t actually done any caching. I was too busy at weekends before Christmas and it has just been too cold to do any since !
I only have WASH 2009 to update the WASH section… as there’s only ever going to be one post a year on there it’s not going to get updated much…. I may well find it needs relegating off the front page for a while (If I can work out how to do it !)
Blog… well I don’t live a very exciting life so I don’t have much to say… perhaps I ought to get a life !

Andrew Perry 1860 – 1934

A previous post showed my paternal grandmother Elizabeth May Perry on the 1891 census living in Leytonstone with her parents Andrew and Mary Ann Perry. On the Free BMD Andrew Perry is shown as having his birth registered in the first quarter of 1861 (Jan-Mar) at the Islington Registry Office, however I have a Perry family bible which has his birthday recorded as 6th December 1860 Free BMD also has his death recorded in the last quarter of 1934, age 74, this age leads you to think that his death was in December, as he would have been 73 in October or November. Continue reading

Going Further Back In Time – Bettis’s

The earliest census data available is the 1841 census, once you get past that you have to start on the Parish Records of the towns your relatives lived in. The Parish records have lists of christenings, marriages and burials.

Each County Council has a ‘Records Office’ where copies of all the Parish records from that county are available for public view – on microfiche or micro film, some of these places are in council offices and you need to book an appointment, other councils keep their records in public libraries available to anyone.
Continue reading