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Caches No’s 4612 to 4627 – Winter Geolympix 2018

Another weekend away, this time for the Winter geolympix which were held in the same location as the last Geolympix (Jul 2016 – cache 4070) in the Ashridge forest near Tring.
It would have been a nice three and a half hour journey down from home, but I went via Jens house so it took me double that !
I’m used to Journeys having long detours but in this case there weren’t even any caches found along the way ! Continue reading

Caches No’s 4608 to 4611 – A Frustrating Morning

Further catching up on local caches that had been placed while I was busy with the Mega… This morning I popped up to do Smurfs Anniversary cache, then headed on to a cache placed for the previous years Mad March Meet, then headed down to an old railway line for a set of caches that caused me lots of frustration – because I couldn’t find them !
And it wasn’t just that I couldn’t find them but some of them weren’t really in places that you could do a thorough search of without looking terribly suspicious

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Cache No. 4607 – Smurf and paulbarratt’s 10 Year Cachaversary

10th October 2018 – Smurf and paulbarratt’s 10 Year Cachaversary GC75E9J – cache #4607
It’s been far too long between this cache being placed and my finding of it.
Shaun was a friend, and I can see the GZ from my house, but unfortunately it’s been one of those caches that ‘I will get around to one day’

Shaun always liked reminding me that the first cache I found was his (he only hid the one), and I nearly had the FTF – only beaten to it by an hour or so by Bob Adams (the great FTF hunter of the time)

Caches No’s 4597 to 4606 – Sun Lane on a Sunny Day

Another bright and sunny October afternoon, and what with the 10,000 steps a day and seeing Jen I have got back into the swing of geocaching, a mojo that has been missing for a couple of years now has been refound.
I decided this day to go to the village of Burley in Wharfedale, a few miles from home, and do some caches that formed a little walk – the first of the caches was placed in March 2015, but the latest is less than a year old

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