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Caches No’s 4982 to 4997 – Hillgorilla’s a Beast Part 2

A week to go to the Manchester Geocoinfest and only 19 caches to go, which actually presented a problem, Which cache to do for the milestone and how to manipulate things so that I got to the right cache at the right order.
So I discussed this with my friends and there wasn’t really a cache that was floating my boat, so I decided that I would forget Manchester and go for the 5000 in Lincoln, which involved required finding most of the caches on Saturday evening – so back to the other half of Hillgorilla’s Jigidi puzzle caches. Continue reading

Caches No’s 4948 to 4963 – Hillgorilla’s a Beast Part 1

Hillgorilla had set out a whole load of puzzle caches – puzzles which were almost all Jigidi online Jigsaw puzzles.
Jigidi puzzles have a maximum of 500 pieces, and most of Hillgorillas are 470 or so pieces, and a lot of the pictures are mainly black so they can take 5-6-7 hours each to do them
As I sell Woodburning stoves summer is a quiet time at work so I did have plenty of time to get these puzzles done ! Continue reading

Caches No’s 4923 to 4947 – A Cunning Plan

In 2018 I found 188 caches, I had already reached this figure at Piratemania and having done 50 lab caches at Aberdeen my cache count had gone up considerably.
At Aberdeen Zoe had got to her 8000 milestone and I was discussing with her and Sam that I had less than 100 caches to go my next milestone, my 5000th cache, by the time I had got home and logged all the caches I had done I had got to 4922, so had only 78 to go. Continue reading

Heading for 5000

It seems to have been a long time since I reached a milestone cache – My 4,000th cache was the first ‘Meet the Mega Committee’ event we held back in January 2016, over three and a half years ago… that’s what being on a Mega Committee does for your caching stats !
I had toyed with the idea of getting my 5,000th Cache on my 10th Anniversary of caching, but as I am here writing this my 10th Anniversary was two and a half months ago and I am still 70 caches away from 5,000.
However I have a plan that involves an average of about 4 caches a day for the next 3 weeks and then I will get to the milestone sometime over the weekend of 6/7/8 September when I will be in Manchester along with my Geocaching buddies at the 2019 Geocoinfest,