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Cache No. 3430 – Nelson’s View GC3V3FX

25th August 2014 – Nelsons’ View GC3V3FX – cache #3430
Another blank date on my geocaching calendar which needed a cache to fill it – and this was it.

I spent the afternoon walking with my sister and niece (Twirlagirl and Madpuplou) all round Bolton Abbey and the Strid Woods in progressively worsening weather as they were getting the ‘Two Trees @ Bolton Abbey’ (see cache #2707) virtual cache for their ‘The Collector’ souvenir, so after almost 6 miles of walking we got back to the car and then drove up to as near to this cache as you can get on the road, where they stayed in the car and let me get soaked trousers from the wet bracken as I climbed the hill to the cache… no view at all due to the mist, so I can’t say whether Nelson’s View is a great one or not ! Continue reading

Cache No. 3429 – GC57XA2 – Gateway to Stainburn Moor

16th August 2014 – Gateway to Stainburn Moor GC57XA2 – cache #3429
As the blurb says “International Geocaching Day is celebrated around the world on the third Saturday of August”, so on the 3rd Saturday in August it seemed necessary to go and find a geocache, and this cache on the road to Harrogate seemed to fit the bill well as it was not too far from the road and according to the map at least on a proper track that had in the past been almost a road, tarmac and everything. Continue reading

Cache No. 3428 – GC4VXR8 – The green pole I said!

I needed to find a cache to fill in a blank date on my caching calendar and as I had a Dental appointment half a mile away this was the cache I went for.
An easy enough find as it’s a big enough green pole !

Only one more date to fill in August for a 7th full month, and that day is August Bank Holiday Monday so I should manage to not forget to go for a cache that day

Cache No. 3427 – GC59C5R – Bradford’s Souvenir

As not everyone can go to the Mega to get their ‘Socializer’ souvenir for their 7 Souvenirs of August there are many events organised up and down the country in August to allow people to qualify for the souvenir. Grayglove and The Booshaws had arranged one at The Turf pub in Bradford for the Monday night. A good turn out for a weekday evening event made this an enjoyable affair with lots of people to talk to
– and we all signed a canvas to commemorate the occasion. Continue reading

Caches No’s 3400 to 3426 – The Way Back Home From Ayr

The day after the mega we decided that while in Ayr we ought to visit Alloway (an Ayr suburb) and the area’s most famous son… Ayrshire is proud to be the birthplace of Robert Burns, Scotland’s National Bard. Globally revered, Burns’ works are renowned for their portrayals of everyday 18th Century life, his love for the “Lassies” and his staunch belief in the equality of Man… The whole Burns thing is a bit like Stratford and Shakespeare, though Burns has a bigger Heritage Centre ! Continue reading

Caches No’s 3388 to 3399 – The UK Mega Event 2014 – Ayrshire and Arran

The third UK mega I have been to, the first was cache #2000, the second cache #2750… I suppose I really should have made more of an effort to get this years Mega to be cache #3400 as I have worked hard in previous years to get Mega caches to be round numbers (Halloween last year was #3000) I did look briefly about 5 weeks beforehand at making the Mega #3500 but as I am still suffering from not being able to walk far it would have involved a lot of petrol and a lot of trips getting 10 – 12 caches a time to get to #3500… maybe by the Halloween mega this year, 12 weeks to get 75 caches doesn’t seem to hard… maybe I should go for 3600 or even 3750 as the Halloween target
Continue reading