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… But It’s The Pelvic Thrust…

Another random selection from the past, this time back to 1989 for the Bradford Group Dance, though as I remember it we actually started the activities in the afternoon with a bit of orienteering on Ilkley Moor, for which Wharfedale entered a couple of teams… though the teams were only 2 people, Roger and I were one team, and Nelly and I think it was Tobias making up the other… after an hour or so of racing across the Moor from the Cow and Calf Hotel Roger and I had done well but discovered we had missed out one of the checkpoints… so a little ‘swapping’ of answers with another team and we had finished… and had done it in the quickest time of any team, but then the organising Bradford group got a late entry, and they apparently got round in a few minutes shorter time than we did… My guess is they cheated better than us !  Continue reading

WordPress Update or Something I Did ? – Resolved

A couple of weeks ago I asked in a headline post

I recently updated to WordPress three point something… and lost the titles from my sidebar.

Are these related ? or have I done something else wrong ?

The answer is that they are related. It seems that there was a loophole in WordPress that the theme I use was exploiting to generate the category title on the main page by using a php function that “can” only be used in a category archive page.
Wordpress 3.0 changed code so the function no longer will work on anything but a category archive page…. but after a few hours of searching aroud the WordPress codex forum pages I found a workaround to display the category titles as they used to be – hoorah !

Yet Another Norfolk Weekend – Caches No’s 630 – 640

Last July I went camping to Norfolk with about 30 friends and did some caching with my friends from the south Hublander and Beanie 28 (see Caches 52 – 59) Twelve months later and a similar 30 of us are back camping in the same place and Hublander, Beanie28 and I again went out caching on the Saturday afternoon.

17th July 2010 – Watlington Woods GC275HZ – cache # 630
The first cache was placed since we were here last and was maybe not quite visible from the campsite, but was visible from the pub at the end of the road ! Continue reading

Couch Potato Exercise – Caches No’s 627 – 629

3rd July 2010 – Couch Potato GC1G9M3 – Cache #627
Now this was a bit of a trail, a five part multi-cache starting in the middle of  Bradford and ending up with a cache on Ilkley Moor – hidden under a rock – well where else was it going to be hidden on Ilkley Moor ?

The primary co-ordinates are for a strange feature in the Little Germany area of Bradford, it is a carved stone armchair and grandfather clock and picture frame which form part of the wall of a building.
There are not many places to hide a cache nearby, I eventually spotted one of the magnetic nano caches stuck onto a wiring conduit. Inside were the co-ordinates for the next part

When I got back to the car I read the cache notes again and it said of the first part ‘note the time’… I wondered what for but did look at my watch, it was 13:17 ! Continue reading

Ingenuity on Ilkley Moor – Caches No’s 615-626

28th June 2010 – Wot? No Trains ? – Curse of the FTF Wharfedale #17 GC2ARK6 – Cache #615
Another of the ‘Curse’ caches, in a spot I have to pass on my way home from work – actually further along the same path on the old railway line that the 3rd and 4th caches I found were on. I found the spot easily enough, but first had to wait for a couple of lads to depart the scene and then as I was finishing signing the log I saw a man walking his dog coming towards me… of course I couldn’t get the clip lock closed in a hurry so I guess I looked pretty suspicious to him hanging around off the path furtling in the bushes wearing my work clothes… I gave him a good evening and comment about the weather as we passed and then I scarpered ! Continue reading