Monthly Archives: April 2016

Caches No’s 4014 to 4021 – The Gruffalo Woods

Once the clocks go back and the evenings become lighter longer then there is more time in the week to go caching (there are those that go out caching in the dark with torches, but they are strange folk who are s lot more obsessed than I am).
So a pleasant Sunday evening at the end of April had me out for a walk round this new series. I ended up starting out on the wrong path and so instead of retracing my steps I followed a faint trail through the brush – which ended up at a ditch and wall, but I managed to jump one and climb the other to get back on the right track

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Caches No’s 4008 to 4013 – My 100th YOSM Location

The East Yorks leg of our Meet the Mega Committee tour was planned for Beverley – it was to be a tea-time meeting, so that left me the rest of the day available to go and find a few other caches – I decided that as I was on 96 YOSM finds and there were 4-5 readily available on a reasonable route to the East Coast and then on to Beverley it seemed a reasonable plan to go and get to my 100th YOSM find.
Of course it was a rather long and convoluted journey that took me about twice the mileage as if I had gone directly to Beverley, but nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say. Continue reading