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Cache No. 804 – Canal Overflow

September 6th 2010 – Canal Overflow GC2EEDD – cache #804
Another new cache, by another relatively new cacher. This one is within the distance I can get to at lunchtime from work, so when I got the email notification of it’s placing I popped out the next day to find it.

I parked the car, walked down the path to the canal and got almost to the cache without seeing anyone, then just as I came in sight of the canal overflow I came across a cyclist, a couple out for a walk, a man walking his dog and a boat chugging down the canal… Continue reading

On to 800 Cache Finds – Caches No’s 771 to 802

Saturday, and another chance to have a full day of caching, I had been planning to do a 7 mile walk series of 17 caches on the far side of Bradford for a while and had made a special bookmark list of them to get a pocket query for my GPS (them being outside my normal 10 mile radius for caching. So it seemed like the perfect opportunity being the last time for a while that I would be able to devote a whole day to caching.

28th August 2010 – On Yer Doorstep 1 GC245KV – cache #771
I got off to a bad start, once I had parked my car I walked along to the first cache… and then couldn’t find it ! Continue reading

A Caching Sunday – Caches No’s 739-752

Back on August 15th when I had got to 700 caches I sought of decided that I would attempt to get to 800 caches within 2 weeks – knowing that I would have the opportunity to do three good days caching over the next two weekends and had still enough time in the evenings to do a few caches before it got dark, so after the first of the weekend days I was over a third of the way towards my target.
The next day, Sunday, I was up early to do a few caches in the morning before an appointment I had in the afternoon.
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The Long Road Home – Caches No’s 710-738

A Saturday trip down to the Midlands gave me the opportunity to do drive by caches all the way home, in theory there were about 80 caches I could do that just involved criss-crossing the motorway by the nearest roads, but the amount of time taken up by each one was obviously going to determine how many I could do before it got too late and too dark to do any more
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