Monthly Archives: June 2015

Caches No’s 3686 to 3691 – World Wide Flash Mob 2015

Another week, another event. This time the 12th annual World Wide Flash mob. I’ve only been to one of these before, in 2013. Last year I was on Holiday in Wales with Angel78 and although there was a Flash Mob event nearby it was not at a time suitable for us so we didn’t go. This year however Richlay had organised a flash mob event on a Saturday Teatime in Roundhay Park so it was not a difficult thing to attend. Continue reading

Caches No’s 3684 & 3685 – Ye Wakeman Waketh In Vain

There is a Virtual Cache in Ripon, that is one of those caches that I have meant to get round to for ages, well years in fact. But it is a very different type of cache to even other virtuals in that it involves doing the cache at a specific time of day – 9:00pm and it inolves interaction with a human.
Ripon though is just too far away to make an evening visit just for the cache, so when Eee bi Gum put forward the idea of an event that afforded us chance to get the virtual as well it was an obvious “two birds with one stone” reason to have a trip to there one Friday night. Continue reading