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Caches No’s 2092 to 2129 – The Number of the Beast Challenge

Another aspect of Geocaching that I haven’t explored before are Challenge Caches. These are caches that although you are given the co-ordinates you can only log if you have completed a particular caching challenge, be it find at least one cache every day for a month, or a year, or find caches beginning with every letter of the alphabet, or every combination of terrain and difficulty etc.
While I was at the Flash Mob in Knaresborough there was talk about a new challenge cache – GC3X4GE – Number of the Beast, to be able to log this cache you had to find in one day caches that added up to a 666 points – points being calculated by the type of cache found and the difficulty and terrain ratings of them. Continue reading

Cache No 2091 – International Earthcache Day

The first Sunday of ¬†Earth Science Week is International Earthcache Day (sounds all very American to me !) a day when cachers celebrate by going out and finding an Earthcache. These are not like other caches in that there is no box and/or logbook, all there is is a geographical location of some educational value, and to claim the cache you have to learn about the place and write down the answers to some questions and send them off in an email to the cache setter (never put them down in the log) to prove you have ‘learnt’ something about the Earth… I must say I find the idea of having to look up and email answers a bit tedious so I often just put down a comic answer in my log and leave it at that…¬† Continue reading

Caches No’s 2087 and 2088 – Knaresborough Flash Mob

6th October 2012 – Wear a Hat for Jack – FLASH MOB ! GC3W2T8 – cache #2087
A Flash Mob is becoming a popular type of Cacher’s Meeting, and there were some very suspicious looking characters hanging around Knaresborough Market Cross taking pictures of each other when I arrived just before 5:00… Having been asked not to look suspicious I went and had a look around the shops, after 5:00 there were even more characters (and dogs) looking even more suspicious in their natty hats, and taking hundreds of pictures of each other… Continue reading

Caches No’s 2069 to 2086 – A Jacaru Puzzle Cache Day

A Jacaru Puzzle Cache Day ?
A few weeks ago I generated a PQ of unfound puzzle caches, and the fourth nearest where I live was Jacaru’s five star puzzle GC3QPR1 – Kryptos, which I solved and got the FTF on when I was driving home from Birmingham airport after returning from holiday (I live a two hour drive from Nottingham)
After that I thought I had better solve the companion cache GC3PRH2 – Cryptonomicon, the pair of which would lead to The Safe cache.I then thought if I am going to go to Nottingham again to pick up two caches I may as well make a day of it and find Jacaru’s other puzzle caches – and so the idea of a Jacaru Puzzle Cache Day was born… 15 caches, 13 puzzles, a chirp cache and a cache that requires a key on a TB Continue reading

Caches No’s 2066, 67 & 68 – Three F.T.F.’s

There are some people who rush out to be First To Find on any new cache that appears in the area, it’s something I’ve never really bothered with – in fact I don’t even know how many FTF’s I have to my name (maybe I ought to make a list !)
Two new puzzle caches appeared locally late one afternoon, and I solved them quickly enough. The next day it was a rainy morning but the sun came out in the afternoon, so I decided to go out and find these two puzzles, and another new cache put out by the same Cache Owner that was nearby Continue reading