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Not Camping at Dalesbridge – Caches No’s 600 – 614

26th June 2010 – Falconry Centre GC2AMXG – Cache #600
There was a geocaching event GC Let’s Go Camping At Dalesbridge Again on the last weekend in June. I didn’t attend it though I was at the Dalesbridge campsite seeing my friends who were camping in the next field, and we did take the opportunity to do some caching !
There are several caches around the Settle, Giggleswick, Clapham areas, some more remote and a trek to get to than others… but we didn’t do them, we did some nice easy drive-by’s instead !
The first one of these was my 600th cache find, maybe I should have done something more momentous, instead of just a cache hidden in a tree at the side of a road ! Continue reading

Is this Grouse a Famous One ? – Caches No’s 592 – 600

24th June 2010 – Stig’s cache GC2AGTD – cache #592
A lunchtime cache. A new cache hidden about 4 miles away from where I work, so just about within the radius I can get to within the 30 minute lunch break.

Easy enough to find except for the fact that it is half way up a very steep bank, fortunately I located the path which goes up the bank so I didn’t have to fight the vegetation as well as the gradient.
Not sure this cache will last long as the area is a playground for the local kids in the holidays and the cache is hidden under a rock by stickoflage so will be discovered quite quickly by curious kids.
The cache owner says he lives close by, there is a house at the top of the bank which overlooks the cache so maybe he lives here and can see what happens to the cache easily ! Continue reading

Summer Solstice – Caches 585 – 591

21st June 2010 – Yellow Bog GC1JH4A – Cache #585
The evening of Midsummers Day, the longest light evening of the year, so I decided to set out for a reasonably long walk across the moor to pick up the remaining caches up on the top.
I parked in the same spot as I had on the previous Saturday but this time set off the other direction and had gone nearly 2 miles before I got to the first cache (I had bypassed some caches that I had decided to leave until the way back from this the furthest point) Yellow bog is as the name suggests a bog, and I guess the yellow comes from the colour of the grass which forms the main type of vegetation round here.
I’m glad I did this cache in the middle of a long dry spell cos even after weeks of little rain there were still very wet and muddy parts of the path to get here. The cache itself is a few yards away from the path in the middle of a patch of heather just covered by a large stone. Accurate co-ordinates are needed as there is nothing really to differentiate this particular spot on the moor from any other. Continue reading

The Way Home From Shopping – Caches No’s 578 – 584

19th June 2010 – Don’s Cache GCKVHK – Cache #578
Saturday morning, and I had a little shopping to do that I decided to avoid going into the ‘big city’ i.e. Leeds or Bradford,could be best done in Keighley. After the shopping I still had 90 minutes or so of the morning left so I headed up to the moors to do a few caches.
The first of these was the one I had decided not to do the previous Friday, as it was better to attack it from the Keighley side of the moor. The cache is, as is typical with caches up on the moors, under a big stone in the middle of nowhere. As such it is quite easy to find but not necessarily easy to get to, this time of the year though the vegetation is still short and the moors are dry – they are just one big bog in winter I expect – so it was a quite easy walk over to find it, even though there are no paths at all on this part of the moor ! Continue reading

Monday, Monday – Caches No’s 572 – 577

14th June 2010 – The Yellow Brick RD GC10PXV – Cache #572
Monday, and after the rain of the day before we had a nice sunny day, so in the evening I set out to clear a few more caches around Ilkley. This first one is the final cache of a three part multi-cache, I had done the first two caches and got the co-ordinates of the final part last November, but hadn’t got around to finding it. It was on the edge of a wood, well off any paths, but was visible quite a long way away from the cache as there was a big pile of stones in the roots of a tree… dead giveaway ! Continue reading

Another Caching Weekend – Caches No’s 553 – 571

11th June 2010 – Too Good To Be True? GC1PC37 – Cache #553
A puzzle cache with more red herrings than a communist fishing boat, that purports to be an ammo can contain a black book with all the answers to the puzzle caches in the area, I had sorted out the co-ordinates the week before and had had a brief look at the cache site, but because it is in a local beauty spot and not on the path I hadn’t searched for the cache as there has been disturbance of the area in ┬áthe past and the cache page has been updated to as people to be respectful of the site. So I emailed the last person to log the cache to ask whether the cache was still in the place described by the hint, as their log described an exaggerated search for it… They replied that it was still easy to find, and indeed it was. (It wasn’t an ammo can though ! and had no black book in it – not that I really was expecting it to !) Continue reading