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Take The Long Way Home

Quite often the most entertaining part of our Saturday night excursions wasn’t the dance, but the journey, especially when we were all traveling together in a minibus, this method of transport did take a lot longer than going by car – mainly because we had to drive all around the district to pick people up before we could actually set off for our destination, but only one person had to drive, and the rest of the travellers could start having a good time on the way, and get a few early drinks down the neck.

These pictures were taken in the minibus on a trip to the Halloween dance at Scunthorpe, now I can’t remember anything about the dance, couldn’t even tell you the venue – probably the back room of some pub, but I’m not putting pictures of the dance on this post, just pictures that illustrate the journey. Continue reading

Five Miles Out – Caches No’s 662-676

Another weekend with time for caching, and as I only had two caches left to do in a five mile radius from my home I decided the first thing to do would be clear them off

6th August 2010 – AC/DC GC1G834 – cache #662
Before I went out I had to do a little research into this cache, the co-ordinates are found by finding 6 numbers in an AC/DC song. Now I know several AC/DC songs and the first one that comes to mind is “Whole Lotta Rosie”, which duly has 6 numbers in it, the vital statistics of Rosie 42-39-56, trouble is I had tried those co-ordinates before and ended up in the middle of a field… no cache there. Continue reading

Sicklinghall Sunday – Caches No’s 643-661

I was saying in my last Geocaching post that I hadn’t been out doing much caching lately, and then the very next afternoon I found myself with free time and the desire to go and find the cache that I had got the answers to the puzzle to last weekend… That cache was on the route of a walk with 7 other caches on it, and then there were two or three to pass on the way there and two or three to pass on the way back too, in the end I went and found 19 caches during my four and a half hour trip

1st August 2010 – Queen Alice GC170P0 – cache # 643
A few weeks ago I went looking for this cache and failed to find it, and then sent an email to the owner who went and looked and found it had been moved… he then resited it.
Looking at what he had put in his log I realised I had not actually been looking in the right place ! Continue reading

Baby, You Can Pull My Car

Right, so at some drunken Wharfedale Group Committee Meeting (back in 1989 we held them in the pub, they were more entertaining that way) someone came up with the idea for a publicity stunt that would raise a bit of money for charity as well, and that idea was to pull a car up from the middle of Otley to the top of the Chevin – for those who don’t know the area it’s just over 3 miles in total, about half a mile on the flat, one and a quarter miles up a steep hill and then a mile and a bit along the top to The Royalty pub… and when I say steep, the road rises 760ft in that mile and a quarter so that’s an average slope of 1 in 8.5, and much steeper in places.
The idea was deemed to be a good one and as all it needed was a few people a car and a rope…

We didn’t want to use any of our own cars, we wanted a shiny new car, so how do you get hold of a shiny new car for a publicity / charity stunt ? You go to the local garage and ask to borrow one, Continue reading

No More Curses – Caches No’s 641 & 642

After some of the mammoth caching exploits of the past couple of months I have ‘remembered’ that I do have other things I need to do as well as spend all spare time caching, so I have hardly spent any time out caching lately…

23rd June 2010 – Curse of the FTF Wharfedale #18 – Washburn Valley GC2AEZF – Cache # 641
I did this one on a Friday evening, I had an hour or so of daylight so decided that the lawn mowing could wait and I would go and find this cache… it is less than 2 miles away from my house, but is relatively newly placed and I hadn’t been able to do it before as I had to wait for someone else to go and find it. But a nice walk through the woods along the side of the reservoir brought me to the right spot.
The woods are fairly mature and there is very little GPS signal getting through, so I was glad I was using memorymap cos that at least told me whereabouts I needed to look. Continue reading