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Cache No 1911 – GC3NX6Z Ferniehurst Dell

18th July 2012 –  Ferniehurst Dell GC3NX6Z – cache #1911

The sun came out at lunchtime so I went for the nearest cache to work… no GPS with me, I just looked at the map before I set off and when I got to the cache site it was pretty obvious what the cache was going to be hiding in/under… just a case of examining the possibilities until I found it

Cache No’s 1907 to 1910 – Towpath Cyclo-cacheing

The following day, Sunday, I had a couple of hours spare in the late afternoon and as I had repaired the puncture in my bike tyre that I got riding over hawthorn hedge clippings when I was caching around York at the beginning of June, so I thought I ought to go cycling again. wanting somewhere flat to ride I decided upon the canal towpath betwee Apperley Bridge and Kirkstall as although I had cached along there a few times previously there were a couple of new caches to find Continue reading

Cache No’s 1892 to 1906 – Around Sharrow

Adam (UKCacheMag) and I have decided to go to the UK Mega at Cartmel in 4 weeks time, and I thought that such a prestigious gathering would make a suitable milestone cache for my 2,000th cache find., which only left the problem that I had to find another 108 caches before then ! Only 27 caches per week… I can manage that (I hope !)

So when a new cache series ‘Around Sharrow’ appeared near Ripon 15 miles away, 15 caches in a 2.5 mile circuit it seemed an ideal way to start towards the 108, and as it was a pleasant Saturday evening it seemed like an opportune time to go and do it Continue reading

Cache No 1891 – GC3MMK0 wild west baildon

12th July 2012 – wild west baildon GC3MMK0 – cache #1891
A nice day for a lunchtime caching trip from work, I looked for this cache the previous lunchtime as well and can’t believe I didn’t find it, I certainly examined the spot it’s in closely, but somehow missed it and as the GPS was jumping about a lot I wasn’t 100% sure of being in the right place anyway… but this time, after looking at the previous logs (and spotting from the photograph exactly where a previous finder was standing when holding the cache) I did not need to use the GPS at all to get me to exactly where I was looking the day before – and this time a fingertip search of places I couldn’t see into came up with the goods

Cache No’s 1888 to 1890 – Odd Ones at Ilkley

A fine Sunday… and not raining for once, so I thought I’d go and find the odd local cache I haven’t already got a smiley face for.

8th July 2012 – Nessfield round 1812 reprise GC2M60K – cache #1888
The last time I came here this cache was missing, so I didn’t bother looking for it, however I do remember where it should have been, so went there to find the cache only for my GPS to tell me I was still 30 odd feet away. so I had to wander off into the bog left by all the rain and eventually spotted the cache hanging on the fence. The log was more wet than just damp – in fact it was almost as soggy as the path leading to the cache ! Continue reading

Caches No’s 1875 to 1887 – A Poor Caching Day in Wentvale

Sunday, a day that turned out to be my worst day of caching ever, maybe it was because I was tired through not getting back home form Birmingham until gone 2am, maybe it was because I had spent so much time caching over the last week or so and was a little jaded or maybe it was becasue I didn’t choose the best place to go caching in… or maybe a combination of all three !
I decided to go down to Wentbridge near Pontefract, a narrow mostly wooded valley only about 2 miles long with several caches on either side adding up to over 20 caches in all on a 4 mile loop Continue reading