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Caches No’s 3924 to 3933 – Autumn in Hunstanton, 2015 Style

My annual Autumn trip to Hunstanton in Norfolk (see 380, 890, 1700, 2550, 2950 & 3700 caches ago) and by now I have found almost all of the reasonable caches on the route (especially as 150 miles of the route I also travel for my camping weekend every Summer). There are several drivebys in litter strewn laybys that I haven’t found, some I have looked for on more than one occasion, but these don’t really interest me so I don’t ‘plan’ on going to have another look for them. So as the weather wasn’t looking too good I didn’t set off early and only found a couple of caches on the way down Continue reading

Caches No’s 3907 to 3923 – A Welsh Halloween Part 3

On the Sunday we had breakfast in the hotel (The Royal White Lion, as in the headline picture, our room was the left end one on the second floor) and decided to head up to the Bryntirion again and do some caches round there, first of all though we had to go and find the multicache that we had found the feeder for the day before (we were going clockwise around the lake when we found the feeder and the final was back the way we had come, so we elected to leave it until the next morning) Continue reading