Monthly Archives: June 2020

Caches No’s 5250 to 5271 – Lockdown Lab Caches

Eventually the lockdown was given an end date and we were told that businesses would be opening as normal again in mid-June so things were going to go back to what was being called ‘the new normal’.
As time off work was coming to an end, I made use of the freedom to travel a bit further afield… I’d not been further than 5 miles from home for 2 months, so even going 15 miles to Skipton was an adventure !

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Caches No’s 5241 to 5249 – Caching in a Time of Covid

It may be hard to comprehend in years to come that the whole world virtually stopped in Spring 2020, and everyone was confined in their homes unless out on essential business, but that was the way it was…
Covid 19 had been out in the far east from the end of 2019, but we just thought it would be like the Bird Flu, or SARS and not really spread anywhere else.

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