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A Sunday Afternoon Stroll – Caches No’s 309 – 312

28th March 2010 – The Weston world, The Church GC14EZP – Cache #309
New technology ! – A bluetooth satellite receiver and a PDA running Memorymap, which is the Ordnance Survey’s digital map system, so you have the 1:25,000 (4cm to 1km) map on the PDA, a little computer trickery and you can overlay the map with the cache positions, and the bluetooth receiver connects to the PDA to show you where you are. The map is at a big enough scale that you can see buildings and field boundaries so you can get a pretty accurate idea of where the cache is… as long as the given co-ordinates are accurate ! Continue reading

Three Hundred Up – Caches No’s 295 – 308

27th March 2010 – Post early for Christmas -1 GC1JYTE – Cache #295
A sunny Saturday afternoon stroll across the moors, what could be nicer ? (well a stroll across the moors when they are less like bogs would be better !)
I had spotted this circular walk which had 10 caches and a few unrelated ones close by, so I decided to follow the walk.
The first cache was nicely hidden inside a false post, just inside a gate that said no cyclists on it… of course I nearly got knocked down by two lads on mountain bikes who believe that restrictions don’t apply to them, or maybe they can’t read… Continue reading

A Cache a Day… Caches No’s 289 – 294

March 21st 2010 – Yeadon Pub Crawl GC1HM8B – Cache #289
A multicache that no-one had been to for about a year, the co-ordinates of which were to be found by answering questions about local pubs. I had collected the clues over the previous couple of weeks, and had had one go at finding the cache already, however my mathematical skills had let me down and although I had come up with co-ordinates that led me to a footpath that matched the hint it was the wrong footpath.
Sunday night by torchlight I ventured down the right footpath and found the cache safe and sound. Does that count as my first night cache ? Continue reading

A New Look ?

I think it’s time this site had a new look.
There are lots of things that I don’t quite like about the way it looks at present.
My current thinking is to have one landing page with maybe just the last posting and an index on… and then that leads to all the different categories which will all have different looks… Continue reading

Mad March Meet – Caches No’s 274 – 288

March 20th 2010 – Wharfedale In a Roundabout Way – Otley West GC24TJ6 – Cache #274
For the Mad March Meet cachers get together the organisers had put out ten or so caches and there was a new series which had two caches near my house, so I went out to do them on the way to the cache meet, A few weeks ago I did a cache in the midlands that was a film cannister in a plastic orange, this was a film cannister in a plastic corn cob… most strange… and a First To Find for me ! Continue reading

Trouble to the Extreme – Caches No’s 261-273

March 13th 2010 – Trouble in the woods GC1D8M6 – Cache #261
One thing I have not really got my head around yet is that caching takes me far longer than it should. It’s not the finding of the cache, well not always, but take this cache. It was pretty clear where it was anc should have been very easy and quick to do except that I didn’t know exactly where I could park so I ended up walking 5 minutes each way more than I needed to, then I could see where the cache was but had to loiter around for several minutes for the hordes of dog walkers to clear so I could retrieve the cache unseen. All in all this cache took over 20 minutes from parking to driving away, it should have taken about five.

Continue reading