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Caches No’s 230 to 244 – Delightful for Truckers

February 27th 2010 – Curse of the FTF Wharfdale #1 GC213BC – Cache #230
Another Saturday comes round and after being away the last two weekends I had some shopping to do, I did manage to plan a few caches in with my shopping, actually I planned a lot more than I managed as I got the cache list download wrong, so hadn’t got the new caches I was intending to locate saved into my GPS. Continue reading

… Of rafts and clag wagons.

One of the long standing weekend events was the Bedford Raft Race, held on a Lake nearly in the middle of Bedford, and it was a serious competition where the top rafts were precision engineered racing machines and the crews were honed to the peak of their athletic ability, think the Oxford vs Cambridge boat race and you’re somewhere along the right lines.
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Caches No’s 218 to 229 – Conference and Genealogy

February 20th 2010 – St Matthew’s – Walsall Church Gems GC1MCXH – Cache #218
Another week goes by, another weekend comes along, and this time Angel78 and me were to be found at a conference in Walsall. Saturday morning while she was ‘busy’ I went for a walk into town to get some essential supplies, I didn’t even have to go more than a few yards out of my way to find this cache, hidden in the undergrowth by a church wall. Continue reading

William Perry 1837 – 1888

As we saw in the last post, Andrew Perry was the son of William and Sarah Perry. From the 1861 & 1871 census’s we can see that William Perry was born in Little Hadham, Hertfordshire, in 1837. Unfortunately the Free BMD only starts in September 1837, so there is no confirmation of his birth date available from there. His birth is recorded on the IGI, but only with the year as 1837, no month or date. Continue reading

Caches 205 to 217 – A visit to that there London

February 12th 2010 – Curse of the FTF Wharfedale #2 GC21J25 – Cache #205
It felt a bit like I was coming out of hibernation when I was planning a few caches to find around a trip down to that there London. I had to be down in Lichfield by lunchtime so I had worked out a slight detour of a route to take in 11 drive by caches on the way… unfortunately it didn’t work out like that, and I was an hour later setting off than I had hoped for. This meant that the only cache I could really get to on the way down was this one that’s only about a mile and a half from my house but is a realtively new hide so I hadn’t been there yet… Easy find, base of a tree, covered by a stone, but much bigger than a 35mm film can. Continue reading

Cache No. 204 – Curse of the FTF Wharfedale #8 – Beeching’s axe

Back to it after a 3 month Winter layoff… I put it down to Christmas shopping prior to Christmas and then snow and ice and rain since Christmas… There were a lot of Police statements about not going out unless your journey was really necessary… and I decided caching wasn’t (though there are those determined cachers who would think that’s a poor excuse)

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