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BR Otley Trail

It was a nice sunny afternoon and up popped a new series of caches just a couple of miles from home… so I set out to find them… Cache 1 was weird, the coords seemed to be in the middle of a field where a tree was fenced off with wooden rail and barbed wire – a fair way from the path at the edge of the field
Cache 2 well I just couldn’t find it, Cache 3 again nothing seemed evident with a hint that a million places matched, and cache 4 was basically looking for a needle in a haystack.
As I walked back along to my car I me Aldocandy who couldn’t find any of them either – and neither could 3 other very experienced cachers who tried that day
I did wonder whether the caches were even out, I mean it wouldn’t be the first time that a Reviewer had been so quick on the ball that the listings were there before the caches. Continue reading

Caches No’s 4580 to 4590 – Ilkley, River and Moor

10,000 steps a day is a walk of about 4 miles, there aren’t more than a couple of caches near where I live so I have to go a little way away to find some. Ilkley is always a good place to go, caches along the river and caches on the moor. In the past I would have already done them, but again the Mega got in the way so I am still catching up on new cache placements

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Caches 4575 to 4579 – Molly and Philip

After going for Europe’s first on Saturday, Sunday was spent in the city centre, and the city centre is famous for it’s statue of Molly Malone… (curious that her boobs get a lot of polishing, maybe you rub them for luck or something !), but also I wanted to see the statue of Philip Lynnott, having seen him play a few times and talked to him for a few minutes once after a Thin Lizzy gig in about 1983 (we discussed boxing of all subjects) Continue reading

Caches No’s 4561 to 4574 – GC43 Europe’s First

When we were at the event in Wales it came up that there was the possibility of a trip to Dublin at a particularly cheap ferry price of £1 each way, so Jen and I decided we would go as Dublin has some caches and is very near a very historical cache, GC43 Europe’s First geocache.
Now I have my reservations about this, as the original cache went missing, was archived and then 15 months later was reinstated by a different CO, in a different container and about 50 yards away from it’s original location… to me that is not the same cache, but it is on the record as being the oldest cache in Europe so is a mecca for cachers from all over the continent

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Caches No’s 4557 to 4560 – New Places in Skipton

Just before the Mega my Boss passed away, he died of a Sepsis infection caused by a cat scratch. Anyway as he was the owner and sole director of the firm we couldn’t carry on trading and while I was at the Mega the business was shut down.
So I had some time to fill and rather than just sit around playing on my computer I went out walking to get 10,000 steps a day in, and of course doing these steps while caching was more fun than just tramping round the streets

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Caches No’s 4538 to 4556 – Up the River and Down the Canal

Well this was a thing I had not done for a long long time… One Sunday afternoon I went geocaching, by myself. Although I had found the odd cache here and there the last time I went out specifically to find caches was when I went for the Stainburn YOSM in April 2017 and the last time I actually did a series of caches not at an event was the Gruffalo woods in April 2016

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