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Caches No’s 6357 to 6396 – London Calling 2023 Part 5

Sunday, and I had a train to catch back to Leeds at half past five, but Angel78 was staying in the hotel room until Monday as the line back to Crewe was closed and she didn’t want to go home by bus. This was useful as it meant I didn’t have to carry my backpack around all day
We decided to walk down into the city centre and basically got to where we finished caching on Friday and then walked on to Trafalgar Square then to Westminster.
Almost all we did were Lab caches, but that was the same for most of the weekend really

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Caches No’s 6317 to 6356 – London Calling 2023 Part 4

We then split up, some hungry souls headed off for the nearest Frankie’n’Bennys – where Kerry gets them half price food, while others cached one way, and Matt, Angel78 and I headed for the next set of London Calling labs in Regents Park

This was going to be a complicated walk as there was an earlier set of Lab caches in the park, plus other caches to do, so we had to flick between devices and screens to work out the best route to cover everything

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Caches No’s 6283 to 6316 – London Calling 2023 Part 3

Saturday started with a Premier Inn breakfast, the price of the breakfast was cheaper than I have paid before at Premier Inns, not sure whether it was just that hotel or a global thing, but nice to save a few pounds on what I expected

We then had to get to the Venue for the event which was St Mary’s Church Hall in Marylebone, so a tube to Baker Street and then a walk to the Church

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Caches No’s 6252 to 6282 – London Calling 2023 Part 2

The Friday of the weekend there was event in the morning near Kings Cross, so I decided to head there, there were a few caches on the way, especially the way I went !
After that I had arranged to meet some of the other Leeds cachers in the the afternoon to go to the Postal Museum and ride the underground mail rail. Then we went down to the first official event by the London Calling committee at St Pauls Cathedral…
And then finally I headed back up to Euston Station to meet Angel78 who was coming down from the Midlands after work.

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Caches No’s 6207 to 6251 – London Calling 2023 Part 1

My major concern with this trip to London was public transport… I had a train booked at 12:15 from Leeds Station, and two ways to get there, either the X84 bus, or a bus to Menston Station and the train from there.

Now from my Facebook friends I know that the buses are not reliable, often buses just don’t come, and the trains are only a little better – so I couldn’t rely on just a straightforward 11:20 bus to Menston and a train from there that got me to Leeds for 12:10.
The option before that was the 11:05 X84 bus to Leeds, which should get me there about 12:05 leaving not much time to walk down to the train station

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