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Caches No’s 1401 to 1405 – Back in the Saddle Again

Two winters ago I had a 3 month break from Caching, from early Nov to Early Feb, last winter it was 20th Dec to 9th Feb, this year I did just a little better, but I really don’t like caching in the cold and wet and mud… so as there were no caches I could do easily at Lunchtime I had to wait for a nice weekend to get back in the saddle again (which I have realised I used as the title last year as well)

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Caches No’s 1395 to 1400 – The End Of The Year Show

7th December 2011 – Sound of Music! GC38GNV – cache #1395
A very windy lunchtime trip brought me to this cache which is one of those caches hidden in plain sight… I could see it from 20 yards away. Took a bit of a wait until people had passed to grab the cache and then a bit of a jump to put it back in place. You can just about see the cache in the headline picture…  Continue reading