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Caches No’s 3603 to 3609 – Not getting a CITO Day Souvenir

Every year Groundspeak have a Cashe In, Trash Out – CITO day, and if you go to the CITO and help clear up an area you get a souvenir on your profile page for it. I’ve only attended one of these CITO things, and this year I managed not to attend one either as it was on a Saturday morning and I was down the Supermarket doing the weekly shop.
On the Saturday afternoon though Richlay held an event in a nearby pub for all the litter pickers to refresh themselves, so I did attend that ! Continue reading

Caches No’s 3585 to 3601 – An Easter Monday drive in the country


Easter Monday, and I decided that I needed a little ‘me’ time, and also decided that I needed to do some caching cos I’ve been really slow at it so far this year.
I checked out all the YOSMs. Virtuals, Earthcaches and Church Micros in the North of England trying to make a route up that was under 200 miles and took in enough of these to make it fun – other caches optional as really these days the caches I like doing are the aforementioned types.

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