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Caches No’s 3557 to 3568 – CM’s on the way back home again

After another drunken weekend in Hunstanton on Monday morning it was time for the journey home. I had already found 10 CM’s on the way down and 11 CM’s in Norfolk so was well on the way to the number I needed to get on the top 500 Church Micro finders. I had all the CM’s between Hunstanton and home on the GPS but no real route planned out to take them in, just a couple of clusters I could aim for
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Caches No’s 3541 to 3556 – Caching Around West Norfolk

Although there are plenty of things to do in Hunstanton this was my twentyumpteenth annual visit (I’ve come here every Autumn for 60% of my lifetime) so I for the past few years I have gone out caching instead of visiting places I’ve been and doing things I’ve done before, so it came to pass that on the Saturday I went out and found the new caches that have appeared in town since my last visit and on the Sunday I took my car out to find the nearest Church Micros that I hadn’t found on previous visits
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Caches No’s 3531 to 3540 – CM’s down to Hunstanton

My annual Autumn trip to Hunstanton in Norfolk (see 500, 1320, 2170, 2570 & 3320 caches ago) and this time my journey down was on Church Micro Day
The first Church Micro cache was put out by Sadexploration on 7th November 2007, and since the 5th anniversary in 2012 the 7th Nov has been deemed ‘Church Micro Day’. Now obviously I had no particular interest in Church Micros until April this year so had taken no notice of the CM Day in the past, but this time I could plan my route to take in Church Micros along the route – as I had done for most trips this year. Continue reading

Cache No.3530 – GC2JNNP ‘Just do it in the dark’ in Buck Woods

1st November 2014 – ‘Just do it in the dark’ in Buck Woods GC2JNNP – cache #3530
A nearby Night cache that had been disabled over the summer was restored to full working order Found tonight, so when Goldfish58 suggested a Saturday teatime visit to find it I agreed and off we went.
We met at the entrance to the woods and quickly found out that neither of us had GPS’s with us and so we didn’t know where the start point was.
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