Monthly Archives: March 2015

Cache No. 3584 – GC5PHC0 Quiet Drinks

30th March 2015 – Quiet Drinks GC5PHC0 – cache #3584
On such a rainy, windy, horrible night it was lovely to get a smiley in a nice warm friendly pub.
Goldfish58 – or Carina as she’s know to her friends has appeared several times in these caching stories, and was hosting an event for two reasons, firstly to celebrate her birthday, and secondly as a bit of a goodbye as she is heading off to live in Stirling.
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Caches No’s 3580 to 3583 – Three More Survey Monuments, and More

Two weekends in a row I spent driving down to the West Midlands – though this journey took me down as far as Gloucestershire, is that still the West Midlands ? or is it near enough France to be the South West ?
From here there are two ways to go, West along the M62 then South along the M6 to the M5, or South on the M1 and then West on the M42 to the M5… The Sat Nav programs list them both as being exactly the same distance from here to the M42/M5 junction. So this journey I decided to set off an hour early and stop for a couple of caches on the way, well I planned more but then the traffic report had long hold-ups just before Tewkesbury so I had to stop caching and spend the spare hour sitting in traffic jams instead
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