Monthly Archives: August 2012

Caches 1942 to 1946 – Sunday Evening Locals

My plan to get to 2,000 caches at the mega suffered greatly from a virus making me ill and unable to go caching for a few days, I was hoping that with 50 odd caches to go and two weekends prior to the event I could go about and get 20 or so each weekend, with a few finds on evenings in between I would easily get the numbers required. However, with the virus knocking me off my feet I didn’t manage to get out caching again until the Sunday evening and then could only do a few local drive-by’s Continue reading

Caches No’s 1925 to 1941 – IN-CAche-PACITATED

After a drunken night barbecuing and chatting until it was almost light again, I decided that I would do the local drive-by series before setting of home. I was intending to do this series last year, but the weather was so appling that I gave up on that idea. This year though the sky was blue and the sun was shining so it was a nice day for drive-by’s Continue reading

Caches 1912 to 1924 – Some ‘A’ Roads, Two Lanes and a Footpath

My annual camping trip to Norfolk, and the drive down gave the opportunity to pick up some new caches that had appeared since I last was heading down that way in November. This year I was driving down on Saturday morningand I assumed that traffic would be lighter than rush hour on Friday – however I had not counted the fact that it was the first day of the Summer Holidays… Caravans everywhere and the roads were busier than I’ve ever seen. Continue reading