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Caches No’s 1385 to 1394 – Not Christmas Shopping in York

Every year I take my Mother to do some Christmas shopping in York on or about the first Saturday in December, normally for me this means a few hours mooching around the shops, but as this year it promised to be such a nice day I took along my GPS loaded up with York City Centre caches and went caching

3rd December 2011 – York Bridge #4 Lendal Bridge GC1FANP – cache #138
The GPS reception was a bit dodgy around this cache because of the proximity of buildings, so I had to go by the hint… which said behind the bike… not too helpful when you are outside a bike shop ! Eventually I found the right one. Continue reading

Caches No’s 1381 to 1384 – Lunchtime Calling

8th November 2011 – Hidden Aireborough 1 GC36Z0E – cache #1381
I suppose I am quite lucky that people keep putting out more caches put out that I can get to at lunchtime, because there isn’t that much to do otherwise around where I work, and there’s only so many lunchtimes you want to spend wandering around Morrisons.

Maybe though it was really a bit too wet and muddy to wander down the overgrown path to this cache during this particular lunchtime… Boots and waterproof gaiters would probably a better idea than office clothes ! Continue reading

Caches No’s 1371 to 1380 – Driving Back From Norfolk

A horrible wet and miserable day to drive home on, but there were more caches to find, so again I took the long way home.

7th November 2011 – Knights Hospitallier’s GC1GTGK – cache #1371
This cache took me a bit longer than it should to find, I mean I had the co-ordinates and I had the hint that it was hidden tucked among the roots of a tree… trouble is the co-ordinates seemed to be bang in the middle of the road and there were trees on both sides of the road… so it was the 3rd tree I checked before I found it Continue reading

Caches No’s 1361 to 1370 – Remember, Remember, The Fifth Of November

5th November 2011 – Norfolk Haunts – O Zone GC2YG2Z – cache #1361
Over the year since I was last in Hunstanton the local cachers had put out some new caches… so it only seemed polite to go out and find them. Although I was spending the weekend in the same place as Hublander/Beanie28 and Stucuk/TT we all ended up going caching separately and all managed to find the same caches.
Continue reading

Caches No’s 1345 to 1360 – Another Friday Drive To Norfolk

Every Autumn for over 25 years I have spent a weekend in Hunstanton with friends from all over the country (see 400 caches and 1150 caches ago !) and this year was no exception. I found this year there were loads and loads of caches put out in a couple of villages just off my route so I took some extra time on the drive down to find a few of them… How I do these is I spent a little time forward planning, make a route on the map and have a book in which I list the caches in order that they appear on the route, together with the hints, so in most cases I don’t need to look up the details and logs when I get to the cache. My normal rules apply as always, don’t bother stopping to find the cache if there is nowhere to park, or it is in a silly place overlooked by houses. Continue reading

Caches No’s 1343 & 1344 – Lunchtime again

31st October 2011 – 60 on ‘ere! GC31RY8 – cache #1343
Two caches that took me up to Yeadon at Lunchtime. The first, may be surmised from the title, is stuck on a road sign at the edge of town where the speed limit changes from 30 to 60. The cache is rather overlooked by the houses around, so I grabbed the cache and snuck off further up the lane to find a quiet spot to sign it Continue reading