Monthly Archives: September 2015

Caches No’s 3820 to 3828 – Lovely afternoon for a Walk

Going to events and talking to very keen cachers gets you all excited about going caching and as the next afternoon was lovely and sunny I decided that instead of falling asleep reading a book I would go out for a walk in the sunshine to find a few caches. I chose to go to the village of Draughton just this side of Skipton as there were about 10 caches I hadn’t found all close together. Continue reading

Caches No’s 3807 to 3819 – Uggy’s Celebration

Uggy – better known as Val has been caching for 10 years… (well, it’s 10 years since she found her first cache but she didn’t actually get to 20 logged finds for another four and a half years !) So she organised a celebratory event, and a set of caches to coincide with the event. The series was half done by her and half done by another cacher, which spoilt the effect somewhat as Uggy had arranged with the cache reviewer to have hers published before the event, and the other hider hadn’t arranged the same, assuming that because they were all ‘one series’ they would all be published together, and they weren’t Continue reading

Caches No’s 3804, 3805 & 3806 – Filling the 8th Month

When you’ve found almost all the local caches you have to travel a little further to fill those blank days on the calendar, this isn’t a problem now as I still have a few caches within half an hour of my journey home from work, but come the end of Novermber and December when it is dark at 5:00pm and there are no caches left to go for then it may be a problem to get a cache on the blank days… we’ll have to see, maybe someone will put out a nice easy 20 cache series in Ilkley that I can grab one a day from… but I doubt it. Continue reading

Caches No’s 3801, 3802 & 3803 – Church Micro, Swan & Cygnet

Another weekend, another event. This time on the edge of Wakefield on a Sunday teatime. So I had opportunity after lunch to set off a bit early in search of the 4 Church Micros in Ossett, I though maybe an hour and a half would be long enough to find the four multicaches, but I underestimated and so didn’t get the last one as it was a fair way off the nearest road and I had run out of time to walk it.

Continue reading

Caches No’s 3798, 3799 & 3800 – Filling the Empty Calendar Days

Last year I was filling in the blank days on my caching calendar and had got months filled from February to August, and plans to fill the last 6 blank days in September when I was struck down with an agonisingly painful recurrence of the trapped nerve in my back, which had been grumbling on since that February.
So my attempts to fill the caching calendar failed, the next blank days I had were the 7th, 8th and 9th September, but last year by then I was in severe discomfort and barely able to stand up, let alone walk or drive. Continue reading

Caches No’s 3783 to 3797 – Hyke Around Hykeham 4

Another week, another event – this time the furthest I have gone solo to an event (well actually that’s not quite true, the event in Rugby area for Adam’s 1,000th was further and I went by myself, but as I was going to support Adam I didn’t really count that as a solo event.
This time the event was the 4th Hyke around Hykeham, put on by Pete and Tracey Mason who run the Podcache Show, which I listen to, though I tend to listen to it in ‘box-set’ format i.e. not every month as they are produced but every 6 or 8 months in a multi episode blast, usually when driving up and down the countryside. I guess I’m probably best part of a year behind with my listening now though ! Continue reading