Monthly Archives: June 2009

Caches No. 33, 34 & 35 – More Walking by the River

June 18th 2009 – A Riverside Walk, Stumpy  GC1PD5K – Cache #33
A couple of days later I ventured out once more to find some more caches… although I had one cache missing I had enough of the co-ordinates from the ‘A Riverside Walk’ sequence to find the bonus cache… this time I parked at the other end of the path and crossed the river by the footbridge there as the cache is only a few yards from the bridge

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Cache No. 16 – So how big is a Nano ?

Holding Point Echo One is at an Airport viewing car park next to a graveyard, I had gone there a couple of days before and not been able to find the cache… even though from the hint I knew just where it was to within a couple of feet.
So hoping for further hints which would either tell me I was looking in the wrong place (or the right place and the cache had gone) I came back and checked the past logs… and found a picture of the cache… a nano cache.

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