Monthly Archives: April 2019

Cache No. 4680 – The Ice Lolly Cache

Two and a bit years ago there was the Mad March Meet IX, and there I was talking to Eeee Bi Gum about the caches he had put out for the event, one of which was this one.
He gave me a hint that this puzzle cache was hidden in a place that I was probably familiar with… so I immediately guessed where it was and told him where I thought it was – which was a correct guess, and in those two and a bit years I’ve never been to get the cache – although I have driven past dozens and dozens of times.

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Caches No’s 4674 to 4679 – Blackpool, The Big One

Jen, being an adventurous soul had seen on the web that you could climb ‘The Big One’ – Europe’s tallest roller coaster, and decided she wanted to do it… so I volunteered to go with her (as I have no fear of heights it wasn’t an issue for me at all). As the climbing sessions all took place on a Friday evening we decided to book Friday off work and meet in Blackpool at lunchtime and see the sights, then stay overnight and go on the Pleasure beach to ride the rollercoasters the following day Continue reading