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Cache No. 2573 – Strait Lane Sheep Tin

About 8:00pm one night I realised that it was Wednesday… it’s the Bank Holidays and school holidays and such, no idea what day of the week it is.
Anyway it being Wednesday meant two things, I was due at the Pub quiz shortly, and the blank day on my geocaching calendar grid hadn’t been filled (as I was a day out in my thinking)
So I went to the pub to see my mates and do the quiz (we didn’t win this week) and then at 11:15pm I headed out to find the nearest drive-by cache to home. Continue reading

Caches No’s 2568 to 2572 – Sunny Cycling in Harrogate

Well that’s annoying… I have just realised the Ive failed at filling all the days on my calendar grid… I forgot to go and get a cache on Friday 24th May. And it’s not like I didn’t have time or wasn’t thinking about Geocaching, as I spent a lot of time writing up the HWS caches for this blog.
I am annoyed with myself as going out for one cache wouldn’t have been difficult, I just never went out of the house at all… Oh Well, It wasn’t like I was going to finish the calendar in 2013 anyway. Continue reading

Caches No’s 2546 to 2567 – The Harrogate West Series Part 2

The day after I did half the HWS series I bought a new pair of boots as I had noticed that both of my existing boots were split… well I had had them for 4 years and they had done their moneys worth. So I needed a walk to go out and try them. After doing the other ‘half’ of the HWS series a couple of days before I thought as it was a nice afternoon I would go and do the rest of them – a 6.5 mile walk, which as it’s further than I’ve walked for a while, would prove whether the boots were okay ! Continue reading

Caches No’s 2531 to 2545 – The Harrogate West Series Part 1

About a month ago a new series of 63 caches was put out around the west side of Harrogate – called imaginatively the HWS Harrogate West Series. As soon as these were published 2/3rds of them were disabled as the CO hadn’t got permission to place them from the landowners and there had been issues with these landowners in the past. Eventually the landowners were persuaded to allow the caches and the series was reinstated with some additional instructions to cachers to keep to the path and generally respect that you are on someone elses property. Continue reading

Cache No. 2530 – GC4A1HK The Billy Goat’s Gruff

19th May 2013 – The Billy Goat’s Gruff GC4A1HK – cache #2530
Sunday, a blank day on the calendar and family plans for later in the day, so I had to rush out to do a quick cache in the morning… now I know why I have left all those local ones, for just such an occasion as this.
The GPS was a bit wayward under the trees having me going too far down the path, but when I came trip-trapping over the bridge I realised that was as far as I had to go, just a case than of searching for the troll, I mean cache.
Continue reading

Caches No’s 2521 to 2529 – Cycling along the Leeds Liverpool Canal

A nice sunny afternoon (though rain and maybe even thunder was forecast) so I thought I would put my bike in the car and go off to the canal and go for a ride along the tow path. I like tow paths for cycling on the grounds that they are on the flat (well apart from by locks) and usually are reasonably surfaced, only the path I was intending to go on is very rough and last time I cycled along it in 2011 it caused a recurrence of my sciatica that I had struggled with for the first few months of that year. This time however I was hoping that my back was in much better health and I wouldn’t suffer following the ride ! Continue reading