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Caches No’s 894-904 – Rodley Rainbow Ramble

On Saturday evening a new series of 10 caches was published that were in the 6 mile radius of my home (well some of them were !) The Rodley Rainbow Ramble. These were bound to attract the FTF hunters and sure enough the first find was logged at 6:56am Sunday morning, Sunrise wasn’t until about 7:40am… Some people are a bit addicted ! (at 6:56am I was at home waiting for the Korean Grand Prix to start (if this entry sounds like Deja Vu of 10th October then it probably is !) Continue reading

Caches No’s 884 to 893 – Raikes Round Keighley

Another weekend and another at least 14 caches to find (I say at least as there are definitely going to be times when I can’t go caching at weekends due to the weather, Christmas shopping or other commitments, so I need to get as many done each weekend as I can, 14 minimum)
So I headed back to Silsden to do some caches on the other side of the town, starting with a series called ‘Raikes Round’

Continue reading

Cache No 883 – Jubilee_2

Another cache had appeared in my lunchtime caching zone, it had actually appeared a couple of weeks before and I hade been a four or five prevous to see if I could find it – okay one time I ended up on the wrong path and couldn’t get to the GZ for a steep banking and another time I found the path to it completely blocked by a lorry unloading stuff at a building site, but I had struggled to find the cache (so much I had actually logged a DNF) Continue reading

Caches No’s 881 to 882 – A Walk In The Woods

Sunday evening when I got home I found a cache had been hidden within the 5 mile radius of my house that is all smiley faces on my map, so afer work on the Monday I took a detour on my way home to clear the offending cache, and it’s mate a couple of hundred yards away

18th October 2010 – A walk in the woods 2 GC2GW8H – cache #881
I hadn’t realised that the woods here where the cache was hidden were so big, though I soon found that the cache was at the furthest point in the woods from where you park your car at the side of the road, so I had a bit of a trek following the paths which seemed to go nearest to the direction arrow on my GPS. Continue reading

Caches No’s 873 to 880 – Great Northern Treasure

Another sunny Sunday morning saw me out clearing more of the caches in the 6 & 7 mile radii from home. I sort of intended when I set out to clear the next hearest one to home, but I didn’t get around to doing it again !

What I did do was drive up to Horsforth and have a walk up a hill into the woods to find

17th October 2010 – Thomas and Jessica’s treasure GC1YKNK – cache #873
There were a few dog walkers to avoid to be able to get to this cache, which is hidden under a stone by a fence post, Continue reading

Caches No’s 859 to 872 – The Doubler Stones Adventure

I had decided at the beginning of October that I was going to attempt to get to 1,000 caches by the end of the year, at the time I was on eight hundred and twenty some caches and had 88 days to go, approximately 2 caches per day to find, which really meant 14 per weekend. By now I was down to 76 days and 142 caches to go, so I was a couple or three ahead of target, but needed to make the most of what caching opportunities I had.
14 caches a weekend is actually quite a commitment whenI have already done most of the walks and series that get easy big numbers of caches. So I had to plan to go a bit further away to do multiple caches at one go.

Saturday afternoon then saw me heading to Silsden to do caches that are right on the edge and in some cases beyond my 10 mile radius Continue reading