Monthly Archives: July 2015

Caches No’s 3733 to 3751 – Piratemania 8

Piratemania is a weekend long camping event held in different places every year, that for the past 4 years has achieved Mega Status by having over 500 attendees (this year there were over 900).
The different thing about Piratemania is that people dress up as pirates – much to the consternation of the locals !
This year the event was held in Bakewell, near enough for me to go just for the day, so I got up early and drove down to Bakewell Showground to meet Adam who was camping there for the weekend. Continue reading

Caches No’s 3702 to 3730 – Two Series, a Mega Meeting & a Souvenir

At the events in Harrogate and Ripon I had discussed with a few people the possibility of bringing the 10th Anniversary UK Mega to Yorkshire, where the first Mega was held. This led to starting a facebook group to see if there was enough general interest from the Yorkshire caching community, which there was, which then led to an ‘interest meeting’ to sort out a preliminary committee and brainstorm ideas for where to have it and what we would like to see at it. This one will run and run assuming we actually get the nod to hold it (a formality if no other area wish to hold it, a competitive tender process if two or more areas want to host it) Continue reading

Caches No’s 3692 to 3701 – Summer Camping Trip to Norfolk Again

Once again time for my annual camping trip to Norfolk (see caches 52-59, 620-630, 1299-1303, 1912-1941, 2708-2747 & 3335-3375 for previous years) This year to avoid the tedium of traditional drive-by caches I planned my route to take in the remaining few YOSM’s that were in between home and Kings Lynn (actually there are 2 more but they are a 2 mile walk each way from the road – so I may go for them next time I am driving down which will be for my annual November trip) Continue reading