Monthly Archives: September 2019

Caches No’s 5047 to 5077 – GeoCoinFest Sunday

So, after another good nights sleep in the hotel it was back into Manchester for some more caching and for the Flash Mob event… bit of an issue getting into town as the Corporation were digging up the tram tracks in the middle of town, but after going a stop too far one diversion and having to come back on another tram I arrived at the place I wanted to be. Continue reading

Caches No’s 5020 to 5046 – GeoCoinFest Saturday

GeoCoinFest Europe is a traveling Mega event celebrating geocoins, tags, and trackables and made it’s way to celebrate in Manchester. This is an indoor event that is set up similar to a trade show where you will be immersed with activities, educational opportunities, and keep on top of the latest geocaching trends aimed at geocachers, families, and collectors. Continue reading

Caches No’s 5007 to 5019 – GeoCoinFest Friday

The Annual European Geocoinfest is a Mega event all about Geocoins… something I have no interest at all in – well in the 10 years I have been caching I have paid money for exactly 1 geocoin ever and designed 14 – which probably shows you how much interest I have in the things… But when the event is 50 miles away in Manchester and it’s a UK Mega I thought I would go over for the day. Continue reading