Monthly Archives: August 2015

Caches No’s 3781 & 3782 – Smilies in the Pubs

Some parts of the country have regular events, once a month usually, last Wednesday of the month or first Sunday of the month or whatever. Some areas of the country have multiple event organisers so have regular events twice a month or more… So people know not to have other ad-hoc events on or about those days. In Yorkshire here we have events on a totally random basis, sometimes none for ages and then sometimes two come along at once
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Cache No. 3780 – GC60GMZ Event Without a Name!

August 17th 2015 – Event Without a Name! GC60GMZ – cache #3780
Last year Grayglove and the Booshaws held an event to enable local cachers to get the Event Attendance one of the ‘Seven Souvenirs Of August’. Now I had already got the souvenir the previous weekend at the Ayr Mega, but I went to the event anyway (see cache #3427.
This year they held a similar event, again on a Monday night and it was equally well attended.
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Caches No’s 3773 to 3779 – A game of Battleships and 2 more Souvenirs

What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than going walking on the moors ? Well I haven’t actually done a lot of caching lately that hasn’t involved driving hundreds of miles or being at a caching event… in fact I think there have been less than 5 this year that I have just gone out to find rather than planned in advance to go – and one of them was the previous evening ! Continue reading

Cache No. 3772 – 1 Cache, 2 Souvenirs

“Happy International Geocaching Day! By logging a geocache on August 15, you have joined thousands of geocachers around the world who are celebrating geocaching”
I’d forgotten that Saturday 15th August was International Geocaching Day 2015 until I logged onto Facebook around 6pm, but once I had realised it I decided that I ought to go out and find at least one cache (and get the IGD 2015 souvenir). Continue reading