Monthly Archives: October 2011

Caches No’s 1322 to 1331 – Wychbold Wanderings

A trip down south to take my Mother to stay with my Sister and Nieces involves a meeting at one of the countries largest Garden Centres – ‘Webbs of Wychbold’, which is conveniently right next to the Motorway and roughly equidistant timewise to our respective homes… and I was early and they were late so I had an hour to kill, fortunately I had planned a few local caches to do before I went home after they had gone, so I just did them while I was waiting instead ! Continue reading

Caches No’s 1313 to 1320 – Six Dales Trail Caches

Another sunny Summer Sunday and a (relatively) new set of caches to walk to along the banks of the River Washburn (well between one Dam and the next reservoir down the Washburn Valley). As always on these linear series I walked to the end of the trail and then found the caches on the way back to the car. The path is part of the Six Dales Trail, a 40 mile walk from Otley to Middleham, passing through 6 dales (obviously !) Continue reading

Caches No’s 1310 to 1312 – New Lunchtime Caches

The thing about Geocaching is that there are always old caches being removed and new ones being hidden, so that although I regularly clear the number of caches I can get to during lunchtime caching escapes from work, as soon as I do it new ones appear.

10th August 2011 – Border Stream GC31W3N – cache #1310
A cache hidden in the shrubbery on top of the wall around the local retail park, there is just by the cache a grill under which the stream for which the cache is named runs. The border in question being the border between Guiseley and Yeadon, which apparently runs straight through the Next shop (well underneath it anyway) Continue reading

Caches No’s 1307 to 1309 – Sunday on Ilkley Moor

A sunny Sunday evening drew me out for a stroll onto Ilkley Moor – someone had been and put out some more caches since I was last there… It must be one of the most cache rich places in the country as I have already cleared over 50 caches from just a few square miles of moor.

7th August 2011 – All Downhill From Here GC2QRK4 – cache #1307
As usual on the moor the cache is hidden under or by the side of a large rock. There was only one large rock anywhere near the co-ordinates, but it still took me about 5 minutes to find the cache so well was it camouflaged. Continue reading