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Caches No’s 3516 to 3529 – CMing and YOSMing my way back Home

The clocks had gone back while we slept in our hotel room, so we had an extra hour in bed before heading back up to the Harvester for a full breakfast before going our separate ways as Adam took the girls west back over to Coventry and I headed North back to Yorkshire… my meandering route again planned to take in Church Micros and YOSM Locations Continue reading

Caches No’s 3500 to 3515 – Team Something or Other

For the night caches Team Cachemag joined together with a couple of Adam’s friends – Mr Wizz and his fiance Walk on the Wildside. For want of a better name we called ourselves Team Something or other. We did start off with a larger group, a few others who dropped off along the way round. Mr Wizz had worked out the optimum order to do the caches in so we left the navigating to him… which may not have been too wise as his reputation for taking the wrong path preceeds him !
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Caches 3462 to 3499 – The 2014 Halloween Mega-Event

The Halloween Mega was due to be held at Fineshade Wood near Kettering, a Forestry Commission wood with a large visitor centre full of the necessary facilities… however 4 weeks before the event the Forestry Commission had prlems with a previous user of the property and so decided not to have anyone hire the whole wood out again, thus throwing the event into disarray… They did say though that we could use the wood across the road – Wakerley Wood, though that had no facilities and no access to power or water etc… Not to be put off by the setback the Organising Committee arranged a Marquee, generators, portable toilets and caterers at short notice and the event went on without a hitch. The Halloween Mega had 1,300 attendees making it easily the biggest gathering of cachers in the UK this year

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Caches 3460 and 3461 – Pre-Halloween Capers

24/10/2014 – Welcome to the Halloween Mega 2014 GC5B6Z1 – cache #3460
Eventually I got to the Travelodge at Kettering which was to be our base for the weekend, and eventually the rest of the Cachemag crew arrived (Angel78, Ladyjude75 and UKCacheMag) so we headed off for the Friday night Welcome Event  where we caught up with all the usual faces, everyone excited about what the next day would bring… but oh, those awful, awful bright red Onesies that the Essex Mega 2015 committee were trying to sell (I wouldn’t wear a onesie if you paid me !)… Continue reading

Caches No’s 3441 to 3459 – CMing and YOSMing my way to Kettering

For the third year I was heading down to the Halloween Mega in Northamptonshire.  Last year I had been carefully planning caches for a couple of weeks beforehand to make the Mega event my 3,000th find. No such fuss this time as I was a long way from any milestone. I did briefly toy with the idea of making it my 3,500th but that would have involved finding 50 caches or so within a couple of weeks and there aren’t that many caches around that wouldn’t have involved miles of walking – which I was loathe to do in case it aggravated my injuries, or involved hundreds of miles of driving.
As on previous trips this year I decided against just stopping at every random cache along the route and for my way down to Kettering  planned a meandering route determined by YOSM’s and Church Micros… Continue reading

20 Geocaching Questions

A few days ago I got an email from a geocacher called ‘Washknight’

“Hi Phil,
I love reading geocaching blogs and have recently discovered yours. I think I recognize your name from some of the geocaching facebook groups too. Anyway, I am doing a “thing” on my blog at the moment where I am inviting geocaching bloggers to answer some questions and share their experiences and I was wondering if you would consider taking part. All you need to do is put a post on your own blog answering the questions below and then let me know. I will then link to your post from my blog and this might help with a bit of cross promotion of our blogs” Continue reading