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Cache No. 3072 – GC4WB3C 23.01.2014 A FEW DRINKS

January 2014… the wettest January since wet weather began or something like that anyway. At least living on a hill we were spared the flooding that affected the entire South of the country (well 20yds either side of the Thames but as far as the media are concerned that is all that matters.
Anyway with my well known dislike of being out in the rain, and even worse dislike of caching in the mud the new caching year got off to a very slow start…

23rd January 2014 – 23.01.2014 A FEW DRINKS GC4WB3C – cache #3072
My first cache of the year… When the weather is cold, wet and windy (or indeed snowy as it was earlier today) I do prefer caches that are to be found inside a nice warm dry pub !
After chatting about winter tyres it was quite funny to be sliding around on the icy roads on the way home