Monthly Archives: January 2013

Caches No’s 2351, 2352 & 2353 – Starting the TB Race

I had my TB, the Lucky Penny Racer ready to start racing, but needed to go and find a cache to put it in, which involved finding a cache that was likely to be regularly visited and big enough to put a TB in, so nano’s and 35mm film pots were out ! – so I decided on a relatively new cache that most of the locals hadn’t yet visited it, and it was a drive by so there would be likely many visitors even in the bad weather

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Trackable No. 5 – The Lucky Penny Racer

When I claimed the FTF on Jacaru’s Kryptos cache, the prize for solving the puzzle was a special geocoin (see Trackable No. 4) and a handfull of other trackables which have been sitting on my desk going nowhere for months now. On Facebook there are many Geocaching groups and pages, and on one of these (the Geocaching UK page) I came across a 2013 TB Race which seemed the ideal use for one of these trackables. Continue reading