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Cache No. 2391 – A Second Row Of Green

29th March 2013 – New Stray Conkers GC43XCB – cache #2391
I had found the previous incarnation of the Stray Conkers cache back in 2010, so after a good look round I found the cache container – though at first I couldn’t find a log in it at all… then I noticed a soggy mush of paper right at the bottom of the tube which I couldn’t get out as my tweezers weren’t the right size 🙁

And that completed my second row of green boxes… Adam (UKCacheMag) had managed to complete January and February himself, but had missed out on the caches at Billing so had a white day still and so gave up Continue reading

Caches No’s 2384 to 2390 – The Classic Movie Monsters Series

Back in October when Adam, Bexi and I went to the Halloween Hides event we stayed in a hotel in Wellingborough rather than camp on a cold soggy campsite. So we missed out on the cache series set around the Billing Aquadrome campsite.
But we had checked out the Aquadrome in October and instead of our normal Spring visit to Brean Sands, we organised the weekend at Billing .

One of the activities we decided to do during the daytime was have an introduction to Geocaching session… Now the weather maybe put a few people off, (it would have put me off too) so Stuart (Stucuk) Tracey (TT) and I set off with Nick, Glyn, Richard, James and Chris, all bundled up against the cold ! Continue reading

Caches No’s 2378 to 2383 – Grid Filling in Woods, Pubs and Sewage Works

Flushed with success from filling my first month with green squares I decided to carry on and fill in March as well. The weather hadn’t got a right lot better, spring looked like it was never going to come, cold and wet and muddy, not the sort of conditions I would go caching in unless I really had to – and filling empty dates is about the only reason to go caching in poor weather
So I was glad that there were a few Pub events coming up that counted as ‘finds’ for the grid, were on the right dates – and were dry and warm !

1st March 2013 – It’s All in the Letters GC254VE – cache #2378
I solved this puzzle must be two and a half years ago now, but although the cache is only seven miles from home and on a road I often drive down it is just a little too far from the sensible car parking spot to the cache coordinates for this to be a cache and dash. Continue reading

Caches No’s 2443 to 2463 – Cheshire Caching

For my birthday Angel78 had invited me for a day out with her, so we decided to go to a couple of National Trust places in Cheshire, which is roughly half way between our places of residence. First we went to Little Moreton Hall, which is one of the best (and most complete tudor half timbered houses in the country, and then from there we went to visit the nearby Biddulph Grange Gardens. The National Trust are getting into geocaching in quite a big way, using it as a marketing tool to bring geocachers onto their properties, usually the properties with caches are the ones with big areas of parkland, but this is a 15 acre Victorian ‘formal’ garden, and yet still has it’s set of caches.
I was visiting Biddulph Grange for the first time is 20 years – I thought the plants and trees had grown since then… with Angel 78 who hasn’t been for even longer – she says it all looks much smaller now (though she probably was only little when she came before)
Continue reading

Caches No’s 2439 to 2442 – Another D5 T5 Puzzle I didn’t Solve

The 26th of April is a very familiar date to me – it’s my birthday… and the 26th of April 2013 was my 50th birthday – an event that was loudly trumpeted by my friends on Facebook.
But age is just a number and so I wrote on Facebook in reply to them “I am now 18,263 days old… but if anybody asks I am only 7,670 again !”

Anyway, as it was my birthday (and because I had a blank day to fill) I planned to go caching and find a 5/5 cache to mark it with

Continue reading

Caches No’s 2424 to 2438 – The Dob Park Series

The previous weekend when I had been out caching with Adam (UKCacheMag) we were discussing how our caching was going on in 2013 and I realised that he was doing much more than I was, 120 caches for him to the 73 for me, and I’d only found 73 caches whereas by this time last year I’d found 247, and even in 2011 when I had sciatica and couldn’t walk I had still found 84 caches by this time.
It struck me that although the weather had been bad at times I was using bad weather as an excuse for not going out caching and also limiting myself to only caching on days when I needed to fill spaces on the calendar grid… That was something that needed to change. Continue reading