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Caches No’s 1765 to 1774 – North Yorkshire Camp 2012

My friend Adam has started publishing a UK Geocaching Magazine – called UK Cache Mag – and so to promote it (and to sell a few copies) he is visiting a lot of the weekend events that are happening over the Summer. As one of these was happening about 20 miles away from where I live I thought I ought to go along and give him some support. The event was a weekend long camp, but I could only go for an afternoon and evening Continue reading

Caches No’s 1757 to 1764 – An Xmas Quandry

Almost 2 years ago I went to Horsforth one Sunday to find a series of caches called the Clayton Quandry, and failed as I couldn’t find two of the four feeder caches, nor obviously the bonus as I only had half the clues. I decided one Sunday morning that this situation needed to be remedied and so went back to Horsforth to seek out the caches… Unfortunately I had lost the clues from the two caches I had found before and so had to revisit them to get the numbers for the bonus cache Continue reading

Caches No’s 1749 to 1756 – Finding Eeyore’s Tail

What better way of spending an extra Bank Holiday afternoon than tramping over the moors ? I had been thinking that I was a little fed up of walking on footpaths and across relatively flat cultivated fields, so when I had a dry Bank Holiday I thought I’d get out onto the moors and do a series of caches that I’d been leaving for just such a day. One reason I’d been leaving it was that the first cache of the series was just a mile away from the car parking spot – so not a drive by cache-and-dash ! Continue reading

Caches No’s 1717 to 1748 – Cycling Near York

A long Bank Holiday weekend for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and Surprisingly after a dull day on Saturday and a wet day on the Sunday Monday morning dawned sunny and clear, so I got my bike into the car and drove off to the North of York to do the remains of the York Mega Series, which was an 80 odd cache 20 mile walk, but now all thats left is about a quarter of the original caches of which most of them are roadside caches and so suitable for a cycle trip Continue reading

Caches No’s 1711 to 1716 – Roundhay Park The First

Roundhay Park in Leeds is one of the largest ‘city’ parks in Europe and so has a correspondingly large number of caches in it. I have decided that it is about time I went and found them, so will be making several visits over the next few weeks to clear all the caches I can.
The first visit was made on a Saturday Afternoon of a Bank Holiday weekend… maybe not the best time to visit as the park was full of people ! Continue reading