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Grid Square SE2045

The Ordnance Survey list has 26 Benchmarks in grid SE2045, most of which are normal Cut Marks, but there are a couple of other types, a bolt and a pivot mark. The square does cover the town centre which is why there are so many marks – getting on for twice the number on any other grid square I am looking at
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Caches No’s 3038 to 3041 – Sunday Morning in Harewood

Harewood House, home of the Earl of Harewood, (currently the 8th Earl, 51st in line to the throne) has grounds designed by Capability Brown. There are gardens which you have to be a paying visitor to go into, but there are approximately fifteen miles of footpaths and bridleways which crisscross the Estate which you can go on for free – and so these paths are where the three caches I went to are found Continue reading